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Site Use Rules

Please note that users who do not adhere to these guidelines risk having their stories/account deleted and/or their IP address banned.

Age— You must be at least thirteen years of age to submit work to MuggleNet Fan Fiction.

Authorship/Plagiarism— All fictions must be your own original work, in your own words.

Copyright Infringement— Do not use existing titles of books, movies, songs, albums, or plays as the title of your fiction. Do not use copyrighted passages without carefully citing your sources.

Images— Images are not permitted in your fictions or the descriptive summary. If you have an image you wish to display, please do so in your user profile.

Flaming— Rude and abusive comments, profiles, usernames, author's notes, and reviews will not be permitted and flamers' accounts are subject to immediate deletion at the discretion of the moderators.

Revisions— Moderators reserve the right to make minor revisions/corrections (usually spelling or punctuation errors) to your stories. If you prefer to correct these errors yourself, please insert an author's note informing the moderator of your preference.

Links— Do not place any off-site links of any kind in your summary or story. You may place links to your Livejournal or to stories on MuggleNet in your user profile. Do NOT place links to other fanfiction sites on your user profile or your reviews.

Submission Rules & Guidelines

Format— When formatting your chapter, each paragraph should be separated by one blank line or carriage return. Additional information on the use of formatting tags to italicize, boldface, or underline text is available under formatting help.

Correctness— Proofread your fiction before submitting. We strongly recommend finding a credibly beta reader. Fictions that contain disproportionate spelling or grammatical errors will be returned to the author for correcting before moderators will review such pieces.

Canon— All stories must be relatively canon compliant. (Certain rare exceptions are made for stories meant to transpire prior to, say, Deathly Hallows, as well as for stories creatively exploring an Alternate Universe.) Canon is made up of the information that we glean from the books and from Jo Rowling's own website as well as from her interviews. Events that take place solely in the movies and which contradict what is found in the books are not considered canon. Fictions based on the movies will not be accepted into our archive.

Crossovers— We do not accept crossover fan fictions of any sort on MuggleNet FanFiction.

Adult Ratings— We do not accept fictions that graphically describe sexual acts or violence. We do not accept fictions with gratuitous/pointless vulgarity.

Length— The minimum allowable word count for prologues is 500 words. Be advised that we will not validate chapters under 800 words unless it is specified as a prologue. We encourage authors to strive for the 1000 word mark, as we believe, in most cases, a good plot cannot be developed in so small a story.

Multiple Submissions— Submit only one chapter at a time. After receiving acceptance for your first chapter, you may then submit the second. Failure to follow this guideline can result in deletion of chapters to avoid clogging the queue.

Warnings— If warnings are necessary, please add them to your fiction to avoid offending unwary readers. Failure to do this can result in the rejection of your story. A complete list, with explanations, is available in the warnings section. (*)

Common Reasons for Rejecting Chapters:

  • Bad/little/no plot development, or, if writing a specialized one-shot (like a monologue), no point.
  • Poor Characterization
  • Wrong category
  • Multiple category submission
  • Gratuitous spelling/grammar errors
  • Appropriate warnings not attached
  • Major time errors without reasoning
  • Major canon errors without explanation for it being AU
  • Severe OOCness
  • Length (If it is under 800 words; 500 words for prologues, which must be clearly identified as such)
  • No paragraph formatting
  • No summary/summary that reads "I'm really bad at summaries..." or likewise
  • Netspeak
  • Canon name errors
  • Plagiarism
  • Unnecessary Author's Notes
  • Severe dialogue errors
  • Lack of believability
  • Clichés coupled with a weak plot
  • When an author has errors but has requested no changes
  • Changing tenses / tense errors
  • Incest and Adult content
  • Misuse of sensitive subjects such as rape
  • Severe grammar errors, including punctuation errors and run-on sentences
  • Crossovers


General General stories (ie: not targeted specifically to romance shippers), usually of the “drama” genre. Includes Trio-Generation fics and 6th/7th year fics.

General Sub-Categories:

* Historical— General stories that take place in the past, typically anything Pre-Marauder era. Examples: Founders of Hogwarts Era, Dumbledore-centric, Riddle-centric, McGonagall-centric, etc.

* Marauder Era— General stories about Marauders and other Marauder Generation characters (Snape, Lily, etc.) taking place prior to Voldemort’s first fall, typically set during the Marauder’s years at Hogwarts.

* Post-Hogwarts— General stories set after the Trio’s years at Hogwarts, after the fall of Voldemort. These stories can include the Trio or not.

* Next Generation— General stories which feature the children of the characters of the books.

* Mystery— General stories of the “mystery” genre (defined as: a story based on suspense via the implementation of unknown/secret persons, facts, and occurrences.).

* Humor— Humorous stories of the “comedy” genre, including parodies.

* Dark/Angsty— General stories of a darker and more sensitive nature; often deals with death, loss, the triumph of evil over good, human suffering, etc.

Romance Stories of the “romance’”genre, being pairing-centric.

Romance Sub-Categories:

* Same-Sex Pairings— All same-sex pairings should be submitted under this category (Harry/Draco and Remus/Sirius, to name a couple examples, are filed as Same-Sex Pairings).

* Femmeslash— A subcategory of Same-Sex pairings, specifically for female/female relationships (ie: Hermione/Luna, Bellatrix/Tonks, Hermione/Ginny, etc).

Pairings with their own category should be submitted accordingly. Our major romance categories are for the following pairings: Ron/Hermione, Ron/Hermione AND Harry/Ginny, Ron/Luna, Harry/Hermione, Harry/Ginny, Harry/Luna, Hermione/Draco, Hermione/Snape, James/Lily, Remus/Tonks, Draco/Ginny. All of these different pairings have their own different category label.

All other pairings, not already specified in their own category, should be submitted as follows:

* Any pairing containing Ron, not already specified in the above pairings, should be submitted to Ron/Other Character.

* Any pairing containing Harry, not already specified in the above pairings, should be submitted to Harry/Other Character.

* Any pairing containing Hermione, not already specified in the above pairings, should be submitted to Hermione/Other Character.

* Any pairing containing Draco, not already specified in the above pairings, should be submitted to Draco/Other Character.

* Any story that has multiple pairings central to the story should be submitted to Various Pairings.

* Pairings that do not fall under these categories should be submitted to Other Pairing.

Alternate Universe [AU]— stories set in a non-canon universe; ie, the characters exist in another world, time period, society, etc. Or, something in the chain of events is different/did not happen— ie, James and Lily are alive, Tom Riddle did not become Voldemort, Severus is Harry’s father, Hermione has a sister, and the like. Not all Alternate Universe fics belong in this category— just stories in which the AU-factor is the premise of or is completely central to the story.

Review Policy

A review is defined as a statement (positive or negative) relating to the content of the chapter it is placed on.

Reviews should not contain off topic correspondence.

The review system should never be used as a message board or a chat system.

Flames, defined as any negative review that insults/attacks an author or their works, are strictly prohibited.

Leaving reviews on chapters that have not been approved is prohibited.

SPAM reviews are defined as off topic reviews or reviews placed with the goal of upping the review count through meaningless posts.

Users that spam or otherwise abuse the review system can be censured, deleted, or banned depending on severity of offense and chronicity of problem.

Authors are responsible to report SPAM. Failure to report SPAM can result in chapter or fic removal in extreme cases.

Leaving email addresses in reviews is prohibited.

Reviews containing links to other fanfiction sites are prohibited.

If you have questions or concerns, please contact a moderator.

* Indicates required fields.