Colorblind by Nagini Riddle
Summary: Set in the future, Harry's grandchild tries to comfort him while Harry remembers the past and what he lost.

Written for the 2014 Random Song Title challenge
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Warnings: Alternate Universe, Character Death, Mental Disorders
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Story Notes:
In my canon, Ginny died during one of the wars that followed the Battle at Hogwarts, and all Harry has left of her is a gold locket she had. Since Harry is in his old age, he has begun to go a little senile...

Colorblind by Nagini Riddle


Colorblind is what he said,
twisting his fingers around
that little chain
that always lay upon his neck--
a gift, once a story shared,
of the glory days long ago.


Refute him, for he cannot know
what is the truth, sitting
in his old leather chair,
spinning tales of black love
and yellow fear
and red hope.
I turn my head, but the gold chain
still mesmerizes me.

Heartless, then.

He laughs, but it never reaches
those eyes,
never reaches the lines
framing his deadened smile.
His finger catches in the chain,
but he refuses to let go.


I sigh, take hold
of his finger that has started
to shed droplets of blood
from the sharp rings of his chain.
I wish they were his tears,
but he says that the white war
drained him long ago.
Yet when he looks
at the gold around his neck,
I know better.


He recants, with a ghost of a smile.
She dances in the starlets of his eyes,
wrapping her own fingers
into his own,
whispering sweet lullabies
into his heart.
But he starts to seize
and winds the chain around his hand again.


I agree, and take his hands in mine.
The touch, he says, brings back
a simpler, richer time
when color acted the way it should,
before red warped
her and stole what was rightly owned.
I only nod, stroke back his hair,
and let him fall into his nightly rest.

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