Molly Weasley's Apple Dumplings by Oregonian
Summary: Molly has studied history and knows the old stories, but she also knows what is really worthwhile in life.
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1. Chapter 1 Molly Weasley's Apple Dumplings by Oregonian

Chapter 1 Molly Weasley's Apple Dumplings by Oregonian
Molly Weasley's Apple Dumplings

In many times and places, men have told
of golden artifacts, like golden fleece
and golden rings, and apples made of gold,
the acquisition of which threatened peace
and sowed discord and tragedy. They tell
of heroes who face dragons, monstrous foes,
that keep these apples in their guard full well
with crushing jaws and eyes that never close.
By cleverness, or trickery, or strength,
the heroes steal the apples, and they fly
for momentary profit, but at length
some tragic consequence ensues thereby.
In many eastern European tales
the golden fruit is stolen from a king,
a thieving bird the culprit. But it fails.
A prince or peasant grabs it by one wing.
The apples are recovered. Farther north,
in Scandinavian mythology,
the golden apples have a special worth—
they are the source of immortality,
divine food for the gods. And we today
are in agreement. Though we hope no more
to slip Death’s final clutches, still we say,
–A daily apple keeps the Healer poor.”
My little apples in your pastry coats,
all golden with brown sugar and sweet spice
and fragrance rich, your loving cook devotes
herself to something worth a greater price
than hard, metallic gold, a monarch’s toy.
Tonight we all give thanks for home and food
and loving friends. Tonight we all enjoy
your gold simplicity, and life is good.
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