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A Road of Shattered Glass by Ennalee

Summary: Three years after Voldemort’s first fall, Tonks and Ninette, a metamorphmagus and a dancer, each struggle to find their own identities apart from the deceptions of mirrors. Meanwhile, in the caves underneath Hogwarts, someone may be searching for things better left lost.
Ratings: 1st-2nd Years [ - ]
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Wordcount: 37788 Viewcount: 21102
Published on: 06/06/05 Updated On: 06/29/07

1. The Mirror by Ennalee [ - ] (2959 words)

2. Faces by Ennalee [ - ] (3972 words)

3. Stone Walls Surrounding by Ennalee [ - ] (3908 words)

4. Dancing Alone by Ennalee [ - ] (4041 words)

5. Mice Will Play by Ennalee [ - ] (4435 words)

6. Dreams of Spun Sugar by Ennalee [ - ] (2583 words)

7. Voices in the Corridor by Ennalee [ - ] (5205 words)
This chapter is about a year late in coming, but here it is after all this time. I think I can promise that this story will never go on hiatus for such a long period again, though future updates may be sporadic.

Many, many thanks to my most fantabulous of betas, Hermionedancr, who encouraged me throughout this chapter's many drafts, and helped me differentiate between Bill and Dumbledore.

8. Purpurea and Peverells by Ennalee [ - ] (2875 words)
Once again, I must apologize for how long this chapter has been in coming. The rest of the story is mostly written, so if everything goes as planned, future updates will be closer together. Thanks for sticking with me, and thanks also to my beta, hermionedancr, who is willing to spend hours (literally) going over each chapter with me.
9. The Mysterious Miss Rosier by Ennalee [ - ] (4751 words)
As you can see, I'm following up on my promise to post more quickly from now on. Thanks as always to my wonderful beta, hermionedancr.
10. Taking Tea in Greenhouse Four by Ennalee [ - ] (3059 words)
Thanks as always to my beta, hermionedancr, who faithfully puts up with all my quibbling.