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Harry Potter and the Heirs of Slytherin by fawkes_07

Summary: This is an alternate version of Book Seven. Harry reluctantly returns to Hogwarts to train with a new DADA teacher, one appointed in specifically for Harry in Dumbledore's will. As the rest of the Wizard World reacts to Dumbledore's defeat, Harry develops the skills he needs to fulfill the Prophecy--including mastery of the Kedavra curse.

Mysteries are explored along the way, particularly the "missing 24 hours" from 1981--the span of time between Hagrid taking Baby Harry from the ruins of Godric's Hollow on Halloween Night, and his arrival to hand off Baby Harry on Privet Drive the following night. The Veil Room in the Department of Mysteries is also revisited. A traitor is uncovered, and Dumbledore's wisdom comes into question. And even when all goes as planned, things are not all they seem.

Ratings: 1st-2nd Years [ - ]
Category: Alternate Universe
Characters: None
Warnings: Book 7 Disregarded, Student/Teacher Romance
Serie: None
Chapters: 52 Completed?: Yes
Wordcount: 330304 Viewcount: 399792
Published on: 06/14/06 Updated On: 11/17/08

Story Notes: This was written over the course of 2 years, and was nearly completed before I read HP and the Deathly Hallows. I had to change one part, as I'd envisioned it the same way as Rowling, and I didn't want to duplicate--and in the end I liked my way better. It's intended to be kid-friendly, written for my 9-year-old to enjoy without crying and bad dreams.

For technical reasons, I was unable to post the end of Ch. 43 for months, but finally found the offending phrase and was able to get past the "501" error. This story is now complete.

For those of you who use the MNFF Forum, I've posted the illustrations that go at the beginning of the chapters here, in the "Dean's Corner." The thread is called, amazingly enough, "Chapter Art for Fawkes_07's fic." :)

1. Chapter 1: The Calm by fawkes_07 [ - ] (4662 words)
Chapter 1 Summary: Like all first chapters, this one is kind of light on action, but it sets the place and tone. Harry returns to Privet Drive for one last summer. A gift from Hermione. The discovery of a hidden talent.

Notes: I never, ever write the beginning of a story first. I prefer to write the good stuff and then figure out how to get everybody there. But since I'm trying to get this done in time to read it to my kiddo when we finish Book 6, well, where there's a necessity, there's a way, or something like that.

2. Chapter 2: The Storm by fawkes_07 [ - ] (5652 words)
Chapter 2 Summary: Harry's new talent proves to be less convenient than originally supposed. The accumulated hatred of 16 years manifests itself at Privet Drive. Guests, both expected and unexpected, join Harry for his departure.

Notes: It was fun to give Harry a chance to blab on the phone for hours like a normal teen. He deserves a little of that. I leave it to you, however, to decide whether the Dursleys deserve all that they receive in this chapter.

3. Chapter 3: Flights of Fancy by fawkes_07 [ - ] (5055 words)
Chapter 3 Summary: Strange encounters in and over London. Harry is brought up to date on current events.

Notes: I have great plans for Fawkes. But in the meantime, can you imagine two souls who love flying more than these?

I love writing about Lupin; he's one of my favorite people in the Harryverse. It seemed natural that the Order would fall to him, though Moody was certainly a contender. I think Moody's too grumpy--the werewolf exceeds the lone wolf at being a "people person..."

The Spook will be back in good time; I'd like to use her to introduce a bit of American Witchcraft and Wizardry. We've certainly learned a lot about the European/UK variety, but the Salem Seven and Area 51 surely have some stories that are worth telling. Not to mention the aboriginal peoples of the American continent (and others), who seem to have their own magical contexts. All yet to come, hopefully, if it will fit in.

4. Chapter 4: Many Meetings by fawkes_07 [ - ] (4032 words)
Chapter 4 Summary: Harry takes a trip to Diagon Alley and learns the true meaning of the phrase "shop 'til you drop." The long-awaited appearances of the likes of Ron, his twin brothers, Mad-Eye Moody and a few others. Harry's latest talent manifests itself stronger than ever. A generous gift, followed by a decision to depart.

Author Notes: Have I mentioned how much I love Lupin? I'm so glad Tonks does too; he needs a courageous Gothpunk chick in his life. I think Harry surrenders Number 12 in part because he knows he could be cut down by Voldemort tomorrow, and then who would own the Order Headquarters? (Hint: oooh, she nasty!) Harry already handed off Ginny, after all; he's getting prepared across the board.

The encounter with Moody was fun to write--I think he must be fond of Harry, as much as one old soldier dares attach himself to a young, green one.

I had originally planned to keep Harry at HQ until the wedding, but I realized the guy's been sitting on his keester all summer; he MUST have ants in his pants by now (not to mention termites, scorpions, and perhaps even a few echidnae to keep the floors clear). I don't think he's too sure what he'll find in Godric's Hollow, as he's not leaving very much time for the trip. I think he's going to find that this excursion is going to open up several new mysteries...

5. Chapter 5: Godric's Hollow by fawkes_07 [ - ] (9990 words)
Chapter 5: Godric's Hollow Summary: Harry looks for some answers in the village where Voldemort destroyed his family. He finds a few, but inevitably, they lead to even more questions. A parting trip to the local library uncovers something quite unexpected...

Author's Notes: Ack, sorry, I had some nice notes the first time I submitted this chapter, but I didn't save them...I'm utterly focused on Chapter 7 at the moment, (six is done, hooray!) but I promise I'll come back and add in some wistfully poignant comments as soon as I get (Bill and Fleur)'s wedding taken care of. Good news (for those of you who are following the tale): Fawkes makes an appearance. Bad news: So does Viktor Krum. :)

6. Chapter 6: The Phoenix Tale by fawkes_07 [ - ] (3115 words)
Chapter 6 Summary: This chapter consists of two historical vignettes taking place a thousand years apart. they have one thing in common: an outrageous act of violence against a powerful magical being. How long ago was the foundation laid for Voldemort's rise to power? It predates Hogwarts, it would seem. It is no coincidence that the power to defeat him was also ordained at that same time.

Author's Notes: This could easily have been Chapter One of the book, but I put it in here to give a segue from the rather heavy-hearted business in Godric's Hollow to the next event on Harry's schedule: Bill and PhlegmFleur's wedding.

Those of you who are extreme fanatics of a certain British fantasy writer may notice some familiar elements. But this isn't a crossover fic. Really. Honest.

7. Chapter 7: For Better by fawkes_07 [ - ] (9958 words)

Chapter 7 Summary: The long-awaited wedding of Fleur Delacour and Bill Weasley. Harry finds that there are still many elements of Wizard society with which he remains unfamiliar. Harry learns a vital lesson: Friends don't let friends do Legilimency drunk. A context arises for the improbable statement, "Voldemort set you free."

Footnote: The lines recited by Harry at the wedding are from "The Lay of Leithian," by JRR Tolkien. The story of Beren and Luthien can be pieced together from texts such as The Silmarillion, The Unfinished Tales, The Book of Lost Tales, and other volumes of the History of Middle-earth series. The verse form of the story (as quoted herein) is published in The Lays of Beleriand.
Author's Notes: Ever notice that Fred and George get all the best lines? Gotta love those guys. I borrowed liberally from my own wedding vows for Bill and Fleur; it took half an hour to dig them out of the Stuff Cupboard.
I took a bit of a risk with Ron, but I think the take-away point is that crabby drunks don't necessarily represent themselves very well. I think Harry has to give him another go under better circumstances.

8. Chapter 8: For Worse by fawkes_07 [ - ] (4134 words)
Chapter 8 Summary: Describes the actions of Draco Malfoy and Severus Snape after murdering Albus Dumbledore.

Notes: This is my favorite chapter so far. It could have been Chapter One of the book, but I so wanted to do the "for better, for worse" thing with the titles. Besides, this is a nice position to remind everyone exactly why Harry can't just loaf and party the summer away.

It's set in Siberia for a number of reasons. I took the Trans Siberian railway across the Soviet Union from Khabarovsk to Leningrad, long enough ago that those names were all actively in use. Big, big place, unspoiled, beautiful, cold, one of the lowest population densities on the planet. A perfect place to hide quietly and build a private army. Furthermore, try googling the Tunguska Meteorite; it really happened, JUST the sort of place I picture Voldemort setting up camp. Enjoy!

9. Chapter 9: Back To Business by fawkes_07 [ - ] (4644 words)
Summary: Summer ends early for Harry this year. The new DADA professor is back in town, but that meeting is not as smooth as Harry might have hoped. Hagrid, however, has some excellent news for the Order.

Author's Notes: All the chapters so far seem to be in their final form, perhaps a word or two altered here and there, but no changes to the content. This one, however, may need alteration. Harry and the new DADA teacher are due for a complex relationship, as always, and I want them to start off with difficulty--but not too much, OR too little. I hope they got started the way they need to here.

10. Chapter 10: Santa's Little Helper by fawkes_07 [ - ] (6302 words)
Chapter 10 Summary: Plans are made for the Giants. Strange nightmares. Harry learns some basic facts about his new tutor. Recent joys are eclipsed by tragedy.

Chapter 10 Notes: This chapter seems to have a little bit of everything--some playful fun, some basic information, some new curiosities (as always) and, at the end, a little darkness to round it out.

I hope people like Professor Ondossi. I worry that she'll be seen in a Mary Sue light, because her natural caustic wit could be interpreted as "a spitfire personality." ;) Trust me, it's not--it's pure obnoxiousness, actually. And I promise she won't end up saving the world and sweeping Harry off his feet. Really. My eight-year-old would barf if she did...

11. Chapter 11: Aftermath by fawkes_07 [ - ] (3295 words)
Chapter 11 Summary: The immediate results of Voldemort's attack are observed at Hogwarts and in the Ministry offices. A moment of despair, followed by a moment of The Pear.

Author's Notes: I couldn't resist the medical/triage scene, but I deliberately underplayed the graphic details, in keeping with the "All Ages" rating. It may have ended up too wimpy. I hope all will forgive my wee little homage to Marvin the Android / Rimmer the Hologram / all other ubersnide, underappreciated martyrs-in-their-own-mind that pepper the sci-fi / fantasy realm with comic relief. And finally, as for the last paragraph...well, I think it's a neat idea. Perhaps I should take a poll to see whether to bring him back or not...

12. Chapter 12: Summer's End by fawkes_07 [ - ] (7901 words)
Chapter Summary: August is far to hot and lazy for so much excitement. Harry has a few weeks to study and ponder some of the recent mysteries.

Author's Notes: Woof, sorry this chapter took a while. I had a huge subplot that I finally decided to abandon, and it had originally surfaced in this chapter. It took a while to get it back on track, but I like the way it turned out. Best of all, I've finally reached the point in the story where I've actually outlined the remaining chapters, so it should be smooth sailing from here out...*crosses fingers*

13. Chapter 13: Aye, of N.E.W.T. by fawkes_07 [ - ] (9545 words)
Summary: Hogwarts reopens for the fall term, ushering in a number of unprecedented changes--for the school, for Harry, and for Gryffindor's Quidditch team. A missing Dark Arts professor leads to Hagrid's hut.

Author's Notes: Thanks to David Salo for helping the Sorting Hat speak the line in Latin. Iambic pentameter is hard enough in a modern language.

14. Chapter 14: Shadows of the Past by fawkes_07 [ - ] (7629 words)

Summary: The details of Hagrid's actions on the first of November, 1981 are revealed.

Author's Notes: This is the first major canon challenge of the story. There are many, many questions raised by what is known in the books so far. I'm going to attempt to answer them in an entertaining and interesting way in Heirs of Slytherin. You'll notice that the tale in this chapter does not agree completely with the "facts" as presented in HP Canon. There's an explanation for that, which will be covered in the next chapter--it has in part to do with the frailty of human (and giant) memory, and in part with an elaborate cover-up, including memory modification, that was performed to protect the innocent. All will be made clear in the end, and I hope it'll be worth it. As a teaser, though: you're not going to believe how high up the corruption goes... :P

15. Chapter 15: Mysteries Afloat by fawkes_07 [ - ] (5228 words)
Summary: Hagrid's attempt to explain a Halloween night long ago is thwarted. Harry hits the Quidditch pitch for a little solo practice, but finds that things aren't as peaceful as usual. A flying lesson for a reluctant pupil.

Author's notes: I'm in terrible danger of Filler-Itis with this chapter; it charged off in an unintended direction. But ultimately, I'm writing this story for my two little boys, and they need A) exposition and B) Teh Funny, in order to enjoy the story. The final explanations about Hagrid's encounter on Halloween 1981 will have to wait until Chapter 16, although this chapter does reveal a bit of other history.

I hope it's not too chatty. I like to write from a "less is more" perspective but I'm finding that, now that I'm reading H of S to my son, I have to stop and explain things fairly often. Which happened in the Real Books too, but not so frequently--and although I'd like him to enjoy this story when he's older, I'd like him to enjoy it now, too. So maybe the next few chapters will be a little more expositional...we'll see how he likes them.

16. Chapter 16: Untangling the Web by fawkes_07 [ - ] (4965 words)
Summary: An odd disappearance. Unlocking the secrets hidden in Hagrid's mind proves less helpful than expected. Several setbacks in the quest to discover the real meaning behind The Pear.

Author's Notes: My apologies to all readers that the interval between chapters is growing. I got inspired for a section about ten chapters ahead and had to run with it. But this story is turning into an exciting mystery even for me, and I can't wait to see how it turns out anymore, myself!


17. Chapter 17: The Killing Curse by fawkes_07 [ - ] (5929 words)
Summary: Harry makes a courageous resolve to complete the Prophecy. Fortunately for all, he has an opportunity to rethink his decision. A few surprises in the Forbidden Forest, followed by a most unexpected turn of events.

Author's Notes: This was one of the first chapters I wrote for this story. I had to make some changes to accomodate Ondossi's character. She started off in this world as much more of a softie--it was kind of funny to revisit this chapter after several months, now that it had a place in the timeline, and read the lines I'd originally conceived for her. As If!
In addition, I was having a lot of trouble writing Chapter 18 and finally realized it was because I had left 17 too short. This chapter is now considerably longer than the one I originally posted and has a new ending. If you first read Ch. 17 before Oct. 2, you may want to revisit it before moving on to 18. ______________________________________________

18. Chapter 18: Lessons in Humility by fawkes_07 [ - ] (7193 words)
Summary: The not-so-good news prompts the Terrible Trio to take care of their last business with the Ministry as soon as possible. To that end, Harry attempts to use Fireflies in the same manner as Hagrid. He and Ron discover that watching is not necessarily the same as learning.

Author's Notes: This chapter took a long time to write. The reason was that I hadn't ended Ch. 17 where it needed to end. Chapter 17, The Killing Curse, was extensively rewritten about a week after it was validated here, and has a very different AND vitally important ending. If you have not read the latest version of Ch. 17, trust me, don't keep reading chapter 18. Not even the first paragraph will make sense.

On another note, I hope people aren't offended by the rather bumbling way Harry handles matters in this chapter. I know he just got a big comeuppance from Ondossi, but Harry is so gosh-darn headstrong, I thought he needed some more reinforcement that he's not the hottest thing since sliced bread. Yet. And what better way to discover one's inexperience than by trying to manage animals or young children?

19. Chapter 19: Be Careful What You Seek by fawkes_07 [ - ] (7039 words)

Summary: Harry pursues his little guides in hopes of finding the mirror, but he makes a number of other discoveries instead.

Author's Notes: This chapter does have a bit of scary parts that might be a little too graphic for small kids. I think it's OK for my 9-year-old, but if you're younger than that, you might want to have a grown-up read this with you. And remember, it's all made up!! Hoo, boy! Sorry for the super long delay before this chapter. I had a HUGE consultation to write, plus my other fics started taking off, and the holidays...well, enough excuses. I hope 20 won't take so long, but it might. It WILL show up eventually, I promise!


20. Chapter 20: Overtime by fawkes_07 [ - ] (4963 words)
Summary: Harry seeks help from the Order to confirm Ondossi's suspicions. He gets an introduction to Magical Forensics. Sybil Trelawney has one of her Moments. A very long night comes to an encouraging end.

Author's Notes: More mysteries! I always wondered what happened to Voldemort The First. I think this discovery is going to spark some renewed interest in history, on both Harry's part and that of the Order. He has both a personal and professional interest in the rotten apple(s?) at the Ministry.

As always, many apologies for the long delay between chapters. Now that the holidays are over, I hope to have more time to write. Of course, I hope to win the lottery as well...


21. Chapter 21: Basileio Oneiro by fawkes_07 [ - ] (8497 words)
Summary: Harry's theories about the mirrors are put to the test at last.

Author's Notes: Where to begin? This is the first seriously AU/non-canon chapter of Heirs. Although if I wrote canon, obviously, this is how it would go, so there.

The chapter title is a bit of a change: the words are Greek, and they mean "Fortress of Dreams." I chose Greek rather than Latin to signify that this magic is a little older than the conventional magic used in the Potterverse, but I wish I could put the title in Babylonian or Ancient Egyptian. I suppose it would have to be written in heiroglyphics, however, so perhaps Greek is best. Hopefully by the end of the chapter, the significance of the title will become obvious. *wink*

The paragraphs in italics will be printed in the font "Christmas Gift Script" for the book pages; if you can find this font online, it should have a familiar look to it.

I'd love reviews, as I have yet to read this one to my kids, and I'm wondering if it works well enough to keep it as is.

22. Chapter 22: Awakening by fawkes_07 [ - ] (6504 words)
Summary: The return to Grimmauld Place requires a lot of explanations. Harry learns some lessons about responsibility.

23. Chapter 23: From the Ashes by fawkes_07 [ - ] (7648 words)
Summary: While settling in after the events at the Department of Mysteries, Harry receives a most unexpected visitor at Grimmauld Place. His new bodyguard also arrives. Finally, Lupin tends to some unfinished business.

Author's Notes: Chapters 22 and 23 were originally conceived as one chapter, but it was getting far too long. I decided to wrap them up with the original ending, even though, like the beginning of Ch. 22, it's written from Lupin's POV.


24. Chapter 24: Ends and Beginnings by fawkes_07 [ - ] (5813 words)
This chapter seems to be missing something, to me, but I can't quite figure out what it is. It might come to me while I'm working on #25, though--so there may be changes. Eh. Ideas welcome.


25. Chapter 25: The Inquest by fawkes_07 [ - ] (6777 words)
Summary: Viktor makes a poignant observation. Harry takes Ondossi to her first Quidditch match. She doesn't get it. Arthur Weasley makes good on his promise to investigate Sirius's past, with most unexpected results.
26. Chapter 26: The Pureblood's Tale, Part 1 by fawkes_07 [ - ] (4634 words)
Summary: True to his word, Harry performs his strange magic on his godfather, starting at the most logical place in his memory...

Author's Notes: This chapter and the next will fill in yet another new perspective on those missing 24 hours from Canon. I hope they make Harry (and all my readers) very curious about the final answers!

27. Chapter 27: The Pureblood's Tale, Part 2 by fawkes_07 [ - ] (9658 words)
Summary: The continued story of Sirius Black's adventures on November 1 and 2, 1981.

Notes: Had a lot of fun coming up with the Pettigrew Manor, and of course the Sisterhood that helped Sirius. If I could award house points, I'd give ten to whoever first recognizes The Lady.

This had to be posted as two chapters because it was too long for one, so this fic will be out of synch from here with other sites, as far as chapter numbers are concerned.

28. Chapter 27, Continued: The Pureblood's Tale, Part III by fawkes_07 [ - ] (1301 words)
This is the remainder of Chapter 27, which was too long for a single post. ______________________________________________
29. Chapter 28: The Pitch by fawkes_07 [ - ] (6092 words)
Summary: A tense discussion about Percy's investigation. Harry's first Quidditch match of the season. An effort to heal old wounds.


30. Chapter 29: The New World by fawkes_07 [ - ] (7490 words)
The school year wraps up and Harry takes a brief foray across the sea and to new depths of his mind.
31. Chapter 30: The Spirit of the Season by fawkes_07 [ - ] (3514 words)
Summary: Legilimency lessons. The Order receives an unexpected gift from the past, wrapping up a small mystery in Canon. Harry challenges Sirius to expand his borders a little, and appears to take his own advice as well.

Notes: This is a rather short chapter--it was meant to be the "introduction" to the next chappie, but it became frightfully long. So it's been split, which should push the total chapter count to 46, unless I go over again later. *shrug*

32. Chapter 31: It Tolls For Thee by fawkes_07 [ - ] (9576 words)
Once again, Fate seems to side against Harry.
33. Chapter 32: Truth and Consequences by fawkes_07 [ - ] (6047 words)
Summary: Harry's impulsive act leads to a number of unexpected results.

Author's Notes: Chapter 31 was rather intense at the end, was it not? You might find Harry's actions pretty shocking, but I think the next chapter will explain a bit more about how and why it happened.

34. Chapter 33: The Downward Spiral by fawkes_07 [ - ] (9375 words)
Summary: Recent events take a heavy toll on Harry.
Nonetheless, a few nagging mysteries get solved.

A/N: Deathly Hallows came out this weekend, and after reading 1.5 chapters, I've decided to put it aside until I finish this fic. I don't want to contaminate my story arc with Rowling's, and I know I'll get them mixed up if I read hers.

My son actually won a free copy of DH at the release party we attended, of which he's very proud. He's started reading it, but to my delight, continues to refer to it as "the Other Book Seven." From what little of DH that I read, I like mine better, but then, I'm biased.

35. Chapter 34: The Lost Boy by fawkes_07 [ - ] (4458 words)
Summary: In which the adventures of a certain young, blond aristocrat are described.
36. Chapter 35: Illuminations by fawkes_07 [ - ] (6992 words)
Summary: Legilimency practice with Mr. Malfoy.

A/N: Thanks to Frayach for inspiring me to ponder Malfoy's point of view at Madam Malkin's Robes For All Occasions. I hope you enjoy these chapters--I haven't been getting many reviews of late, and starting to wonder if anyone's still reading! Remember, there's no "story hit counter" here at MNFF, so reviews are the only way we authors know that anyone's bothering to read...and if there's no readers, there's not much point in posting the final 10 chapters...

37. Chapter 36: Wolf's Bane by fawkes_07 [ - ] (8749 words)
Summary: Desperate times and desperate measures on several fronts.

A/N: For those of you who have been looking at the pictures (posted in the MNFF Forum), you've probably noticed I haven't been keeping up on the artwork. I finished the art for this chapter, however, and it might give you a hint about Peredhil's identity...

38. Chapter 37: Ways and Means by fawkes_07 [ - ] (7044 words)
Summary: The Order recovers from Lupin's furry little problem. Sirius pulls Harry aside for an overdue talk. The import of Draco's adventures is realized. Some initial efforts toward peace are undertaken.

Notes: Well, it took a while, but I hope it was worth the wait. I almost made this chapter a lot longer, but it would have ended with a Truly Cruel cliffhanger...so I decided to put it all into 38. Next chappie ought to knock your pointy hat right off!

39. Chapter 38: The Darkest Secret by fawkes_07 [ - ] (6501 words)
Summary: Determined to identify the traitor in the Ministry, Harry attempts a drastic measure--with shocking results.

Notes: Told you this one would come quicker! But this is one of the main turning points in the story, so 39 may take a bit longer. I haven't read Deathly Hallows so I don't know how JKR handled this situation (or if she revisited it at all), but I wanted some answers about this time period, and these are the ones I came up with.

40. Chapter 39: Bubbles Burst by fawkes_07 [ - ] (7341 words)
Summary: Albus has some explaining to do. A stroke of insight exposes an enemy.

A/N: Oooh, finally get to solve some mysteries instead of imposing them! I hope you all enjoy the identity of Voldy's deepest spy...

I had the voices in Alice's head speak in color, but the text color command doesn't work here on MNFF. So it's a little harder to tell them apart, but you'll get the idea.

41. Chapter 40: The Turn of the Tide by fawkes_07 [ - ] (6400 words)
Summary: The Ministry traitor is left without secrets, and Harry realizes his fate is rushing up to meet him.


42. Chapter 41: Gathering Momentum by fawkes_07 [ - ] (9481 words)
Woof, that took forever! Sorry, gang. 42 is already written, just needs a few touchings-up, so it won't be nearly as long.


43. Chapter 42: The Crossing by fawkes_07 [ - ] (4393 words)
Summary: Harry sets out at last on the quest that has defined his life. It takes a rather startling turn.

Notes: This was one of the earliest things I'd written for "Heirs," started nearly two years ago. It's been funny to hear my son talk about Deathly Hallows: I gather that it has a similar trek through wilderness.

I have started reading DH--got up to the wedding and partly through the reception. I have to say, so far the only part I liked was the 7 Harrys. Particularly when one of the Weasley's noted, "We're Identical!" Fred and George ALWAYS get the best lines.


44. Chapter 43A: The Battle of Many Armies, Part 1 by fawkes_07 [ - ] (9343 words)
Summary: As Harry and Ondossi wend their way through the wilderness, the rest of the Order takes on a mission of their own.

Author Notes: This is by far the hardest chapter to write, as I'm not into battle scenes. It's also the longest, and since MNFF has a 10K word limit on posts, it's posted in 2 parts.


45. Chapter 43B The Battle of Many Armies Contd by fawkes_07 [ - ] (6751 words)
The battle rages on...
46. Chapter 43C by fawkes_07 [ - ] (1550 words)
Finally, the website stopped balking at the rest of this chapter! I kept getting a 501 error. I tried posting it as plain text (no HTML). Still did it. I finally posted one paragraph at a time and found the sentence that was throwing it off. No HTML, no hyphens--apparently I used some sort of magic word that sent the computer into a frenzy. I removed half of the sentence and voila--the chapter posted. Sheesh.

Well, anyway, NOW you can enjoy the end of Chapter 43.

47. Chapter 44: Fool Me Once by fawkes_07 [ - ] (6488 words)
Summary: Ondossi's biggest secret comes to light at last.
48. Chapter 45: Pro Patria Mori by fawkes_07 [ - ] (8961 words)
Harry battles his nemesis at last.
49. Chapter 46: Neither Can Live While The Other Survives by fawkes_07 [ - ] (6237 words)
Summary: Harry learns that a great many things were not as they seemed.
50. Chapter 47: The Choices of Master Fawkes by fawkes_07 [ - ] (7554 words)
A great many mysteries, both new and old, are revealed at last.
51. Chapter 48: The Boon That Is His Due by fawkes_07 [ - ] (7119 words)
Summary: Harry sets out to right some old wrongs.
52. 49: The Man Who Lived by fawkes_07 [ - ] (785 words)
Epilogue? What epilogue? I prefer to think of it as the Where Are They Now File.

A long time ago, I read that JKR had ended DH with the word "scar." So I did the same thing. Then she changed it, apparently. I didn't.