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I Would Give You Violets by Ennalee

Summary: Once (when all the world was colored in brightness, and the rising of the sun in the morning meant a new day) she planted a garden with the man she loved best in the world. As her child grew within her body she knelt on the cool earth of the garden and promised her son that there would be a world (shining, golden bright) for him to live in.

Alice Longbottom cannot remember anything. Neville can.
Ratings: 1st-2nd Years [ - ]
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Published on: 03/12/07 Updated On: 03/13/07

1. I Would Give You Violets by Ennalee [ - ] (899 words)
This was written almost exactly a year ago, and not revised till now; as such, it's an interesting combination of writing styles. Thanks to hermionedancr for her support and betaing.