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Calliope and Thalia and Their Inspiration by lucilla_pauie

Summary: Callie and Lia, a Gryffindor and a Slytherin. A lady and a tomboy. Two opposite souls. Two sisters. Separated at birth by circumstances they are determined to discover... and undo. Yes, after being reunited, the siblings plan to reunite their parents as well. Let’s see them accomplish House Unity, too!

“It’s our rule not to dredge up past things, remember?”

This rule is about to be broken.

~Inspired by a worldwide beloved film.

Ratings: 3rd-5th Years [ - ] Past Featured Story
Category: Hermione/Draco
Characters: None
Warnings: Book 7 Disregarded
Serie: None
Chapters: 30 Completed?: No
Wordcount: 125007 Viewcount: 119130
Published on: 11/19/07 Updated On: 07/18/12

Story Notes: Only very loosely based on The Parent Trap. Began pre-DH and continued only with HBP-compliance (regarding certain character deaths). This story has a prequel-y companion, The Abduction of Persephone

1. Callie by lucilla_pauie [ - ] (1547 words)

2. Lia by lucilla_pauie [ - ] (1658 words)

3. Mum by lucilla_pauie [ - ] (3611 words)

4. Dad by lucilla_pauie [ - ] (3838 words)

5. Their story by lucilla_pauie [ - ] (2583 words)

6. 'Sweet sorrow' by lucilla_pauie [ - ] (4029 words)

7. So near yet so far by lucilla_pauie [ - ] (4453 words)

8. Omissions by lucilla_pauie [ - ] (1118 words)

9. Friction by lucilla_pauie [ - ] (4140 words)

10. Sibling Rivalry by lucilla_pauie [ - ] (5584 words)
I hope this makes up for the near abandonment, dear readers. After being blocked toward the middle because of my lack of pranks in store, the other half was written in three hours, and it was such a fun three hours wherein I laughed so much in surprise and glee. Once again, what some writers say about the story moving by itself has been proven to me! Hee.
11. Family knots by lucilla_pauie [ - ] (4834 words)
Abject apologies for an update so long in coming. Been busy and blocked and blocked and busy. But now—well, I don’t want to jinx it, but I can safely say I seem to be on a roll because this chapter has two thousand more words I had to cut and place instead in the next update. Thank you for reading and reviewing!
12. Family knots, indeed by lucilla_pauie [ - ] (4002 words)

13. Alliances by lucilla_pauie [ - ] (4998 words)
Yep, I'm STILL writing this story and Then Somebody Bends. :) Thank you, modlies, for featuring this story. Thank you to all you faithful readers, especially those of you who drop a line. Disclaimer: Harry Potter and the Parent Trap (whose plot I very loosely follow in this story) do not belong to me, or else I'll be too busy living the good life to take the time to write fan fiction. :))
14. Hisses and Kisses by lucilla_pauie [ - ] (2990 words)

15. Getting cosy by lucilla_pauie [ - ] (2407 words)
My apologies for this mad update. Mad because of the ginormous gap between this and last one. Sorreh! I’ve now entered an agreement none would damn. An agreement with my friend/beta, Misdemeanor1331, that I shall update every week on pain of... oh, just pain. I’m not good with pain! That said, thank you for the nudge and shove and threats, Mel! And excuse my new favourite word. Ginormous. Just let me get it out of my system. :D
16. Waxing poetic... by lucilla_pauie [ - ] (3873 words)
Don’t set high expectations for this. By ‘waxing poetic’, I only mean tender, tears-in-the-eyes reminiscing. Sentimental claptrap. I hope it's all right and doesn't make anyone gag. I don’t think I can write ‘poetic’. But the next chapter is “...apoplectic.” And yes, the characters will be. *cackles*

Updated sooner than my weekly deadline! Arentcha impressed, Mel? :D And oh, how could I forget? This chapter would be all the richer if supplemented by the prologue-y story I'll post here before May ends. It's Dramione's Tenth Anniversary month, you know! A whole decade it's been since the Draco's knickers comment launched a caravel of lovey-dovey goodness!

And thank you so much to you, reader-reviewers, for your patience and constant affirmations, particularly you, Hollie/DromineLove4eva.

17. ...and apoplectic. by lucilla_pauie [ - ] (4638 words)

18. Halloween Scares by lucilla_pauie [ - ] (4474 words)

19. Things and Dastardly Things Afoot by lucilla_pauie [ - ] (3691 words)

20. Rhyme and Reason by lucilla_pauie [ - ] (2287 words)

21. Mistletoe Mayhem by lucilla_pauie [ - ] (4789 words)

22. Uh-oh, we're in trouble, something's come along and it's burst our bubble... by lucilla_pauie [ - ] (5176 words)

23. Yule in the Yucatan by lucilla_pauie [ - ] (4175 words)

24. Yule in the Yucatan II by lucilla_pauie [ - ] (2684 words)

25. Yule in the Yucatan III by lucilla_pauie [ - ] (5183 words)

26. Yule in the Yucatan IV by lucilla_pauie [ - ] (4470 words)

27. Yule in the Yucatan V by lucilla_pauie [ - ] (9275 words)
I give you this monster of a chapter as a peace offering. I wrote a piece for the dramione remix, and it dominated my life for the better part of four weeks. Made me contract Dramionitis. So I went on a holiday for a bit. Read Eva Ibbotson and a lot of other books and now I’m back. And CATATI’s also back to regular programming, an update every week, although not the size of this one. This is an exception. This is me saying sorry, thank you, please come back, thank you!

And yep, this is also me cramming every last bit of Belize in here so I can get back to Hogwarts before I give myself (and you) Belize-itis, too.

28. Fund Fiasco by lucilla_pauie [ - ] (6574 words)

29. Dead Heads and Babies and Birthdays by lucilla_pauie [ - ] (6249 words)

30. Vows by lucilla_pauie [ - ] (5677 words)