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Chocolate by Everlasting

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Chapter Notes: Thank you to my beta Stephen, aka roonilwazlibbeta at PI Beta Readers; for helping me out with all my difficult OOCness. =]


Sirius entered the Gryffindor boys’ dormitory and looked up to meet his friend Remus’s eyes. Stopping before he approached his bed, Sirius considered his friend. Remus had always been everything he was not. Sirius was not a big thinker and Remus... Well, Remus was a genius. Yes, a genius. He’s right about everything. Sirius didn’t try terribly hard at anything; Moony gave every ounce of effort to everything and anything at all. And, when he was honest with himself, Sirius knew Remus was twice as attractive.

Tired of contemplating the painful, secret crush that had been growing for the past six years, Sirius squished his eyes shut and exhaled with force.

“Merlin, where are they?” Sirius flopped back on his bed in exasperation and stared over at his best friend. He hadn’t seen their other friends, James and Peter, since breakfast, when they had disappeared in the rush back to the Gryffindor common room.

Remus grinned over at his friend while lying on his own bed. “Since when am I Merlin? I was under the impression that my name was Moony… But thanks…”

“Oh, shut up, Moony” Sirius retorted, smiling. He loved the witty jokes Remus made; they always made him laugh.

“That’s better.” Remus rolled to his side, staring over at Sirius.

Sirius’s trademark handsome dark hair was falling rakishly over his face as he looked back over at Remus, his dark grey eyes staring into Remus’s warm hazel ones… It was perfect in his opinion, really, with no one else there…

Well maybe not perfect, since Remus had no idea how Sirius felt.

“So where the bloody hell do you think they went off to?” Sirius asked, attempting to keep his mind off of Remus and on the current issue of where their friends were.

“No idea.” Remus shrugged. “Maybe James went to go try to impress Lily, and Wormtail wanted to tag along to watch Prongs and his Quidditch skills… and likely wet himself while he’s at it. Can’t you see him taunting Severus while trying to catch a speeding Snitch and messing up his hair at the same time?”

“Snivellus,” Sirius corrected, smirking. He considered Remus’s answer, thinking it might be a good explanation, but then suddenly changed his mind. “Nah, Prongs would never make fun of that slimy git with Wormtail alone. They’d have to have us! Especially you, the mastermind of it all!”

“Mastermind? Hardly.”

“Oh, come off it already, you sodding Prefect. You know you’re smart.”

“Enough already.” Remus rolled his eyes, but was smiling at Sirius’s comment.

“No, honestly,” Sirius insisted, sitting up on his bed and staring over at Remus like he was some sort of Merperson. “We wouldn’t be Animagi if it hadn’t been for you. We wouldn’t have passed half our exams… Well, not like we do anyway, but still, you helped us out enormously. More than half the Marauder’s Map would be faulty if it wasn’t for you...”

“And I’d be alone every full moon if it weren’t for you,” Remus finished, staring over at Sirius and gradually sitting up as well. “You’re the one who came up with that idea. I would be alone every full moon if it wasn’t for you. You, Sirius, you. It’s because of you. Not me. And besides, the Marauder’s Map wasn’t fully my idea anyway. I’m no genius. And if you think I’m a genius just because I was bitten by a –”

“You are a bloody genius, Remus,” Sirius interjected. He grinned, then frowned thoughtfully. “Hey, that rhymed.”

“You’re daft. It did not. It’d have to have the same ending sound,” Remus bantered playfully.

“It does!” Sirius insisted. “Genius, Remus…”

“‘-ius’ and ‘us’ are two different sounds, Sirius. Now, genius and Sirius, that rhymes.” Remus smiled triumphantly.

“Oh, shut up…” Sirius tried to ignore the intelligence of Remus’s comment but failed and ended up chuckling and shaking his head, which caused Remus to laugh as well.

“You’re too much, Moony,” Sirius said, laughing and reaching out for his pillow.

“Oh yeah?” Remus teased, grabbing his pillow.

Before Sirius got the chance to grab his own pillow he was getting attacked by Remus, who had tossed his pillow at him and was advancing on him quickly.

“Moony!” Sirius exclaimed. “Playful today, aren’t you?” He laughed as Remus tackled him to his bed and sat on his stomach, slapping him with his pillow.

“Kind of hard not to be,” Remus said, “when we’re alone.”

Sirius’s content expression completely dissolved, replaced by an entirely new one. It was almost… blissful, ecstatic. He couldn’t believe what Remus had just said.

Remus blanched. “Er… I just meant that-”

“Hey guys! We have a –” Peter Pettigrew’s sudden voice tore through the dormitory, and then everything went silent.

“Oh,” he muttered, turning promptly upon seeing Remus sitting astride Sirius on the bed with tousled hair and mussed up clothing. Peter left and shut the door behind him, nearly tripping over his own feet in his haste.

“Fucksake!” Remus raked a hand through his hair.

“What?” Sirius asked with a bemused expression.

Remus shook his head and climbed off Sirius, hurling his pillow back to his own bed.

“What?” Sirius asked again, rolling to his side and looking up at Remus.

“He just – He just saw –” Remus pathetically tried to explain, and then sighed and shook his head, walking back over to his bed.

Realisation suddenly dawned on Sirius as Remus flopped back on his bed.


“What are we going to do?” Remus stressed, twisting his hands. “Think how he must’ve taken that.”

Sirius was taken aback, even slightly hurt, but tried to cover it up. “C’mon, you don’t know he was thinking that. Just forget about it.” He sat up on his bed and faced Remus who was lying on his back with his hands on his stomach.

Remus shook his head. “Of course he was thinking that. It’s Wormtail. He jumps to conclusions too easily, you know that.”

“Oh, come on. Let’s go for a walk to the Forest. You need some distraction,” Sirius suggested, grinning and checking his pocket to make sure he had what he needed for this little journey with Remus. “I have a surprise,” he taunted.

Remus looked up at Sirius abruptly, almost shocked. He grinned. “I love you, Sirius. Let’s go.”

What did he just say? No, he can’t have meant it like that… He didn’t. I’m such a git for even being hopeful. Remus is too smart for me.

Remus grabbed Sirius’s arm instead of the other way around and pulled him from the dormitory. They entered a sparsely-populated common room; it didn’t even contain Peter who had been in the room with them mere moments before. Some of the scattered Gryffindors stared curiously at the contact between Remus’s and Sirius’s arms. Sirius was now gripping Remus’s wrist and smiling hugely, pulling him through the portrait hole.

“I really can’t see what you’re so happy about,” Remus murmured through the grin on his face.

“You really don’t know?” Sirius shook his head playfully and led Remus farther outside where a light snow was blanketing the grounds with blinding whiteness.

Remus didn’t answer, but stared up at the white sky, the snowy trees, and the large bed of ice that, weeks ago, was a pool in which students would happily splash in and sit around during their breaks. Eventually Remus’s eyes landed upon Sirius’s face, once again his grey eyes looking straight back into Remus’s hazel ones.

After a few moments of awkward silence and staring, Remus stepped back. “Er… shall we walk, then?”

“Yeah. I mean, that’s what we set out here to do, isn’t it…”

The two boys walked around the snowy grounds with hardly anyone else in sight. The other students probably found it too cold to be out. For Sirius, however, being with Remus left no room for worrying about the temperature. They walked around for nearly a half hour, just enjoying each other’s company and closeness, before Sirius spoke again.

“So what do you think Wormtail was going on about before he saw… us?” Sirius questioned, looking at Remus inquisitively.

Remus shrugged, staring down towards their snow-covered boots. “He was saying something about ‘we’; apparently that means Prongs and him.” He shrugged.

“Yeah. Seem to have forgotten us, haven’t they? But they can’t forget the most important part of the crew for long,” Sirius muttered happily.

Remus grinned. “You know, I’m glad you thought of walking. It’s exactly what I needed,” Remus said, looking up at Sirius and smiling.

“Really?” Sirius grinned back down at his best friend.

“Yeah. O’ course. Being out here with you… I couldn’t ask for much more.”


“Yeah? What is it, Padfoot?” Remus questioned, looking up curiously. Sirius had stopped walking after stepping into the Forbidden Forest where it was still chilly but little snow had filtered down through the tall pines.

Sirius’s heart melted; he loved when Remus called him that. He beckoned Remus farther into the forest and leant against a rogue oak tree, pulling from his pocket the thing that he knew Remus would love even more than the walk.

“Here,” Sirius grinned, looking down at Remus’s excited face and handing him the chocolate.

“Merlin, Sirius! You didn’t!” Remus exclaimed, grabbing the especially dark chocolate bar and staring at it with marvel, then looking up at Sirius’s smiling face. “Honeyduke’s Finest? Isn’t this the kind that has a Cheering Charm?”

“See for yourself.” Sirius laughed, watching Remus rip open the chocolate and take a bite, closing his eyes and leaning on a tree across from Sirius.

“Sirius…” Remus shook his head.

“Yeah?” Sirius grinned, crossing his arms smugly and expecting to hear a repeat of the faux ‘confession’ from Remus he’d heard earlier.


“Oh. You’re welcome, mate.” Sirius managed a grin, slightly put-off.

“And I….”

Sirius shook his head and stepped forward on impulse, closing the gap between himself and his best friend. He took a bracing breath and enclosed Remus’s mouth with his own before he had a chance to talk himself out of it. It was a fervent kiss, full of uncertainty and tension.

Remus, at first unresponsive to the kiss, furrowed his brow after a moment and made to shove Sirius off, muttering, “What’re you –”

“I just… Fuck. I’ve no idea what came over me.” Sirius desperately backpedalled as he tried to force himself to look into Remus’s eyes. But fear of seeing disgust and loathing kept his gaze locked squarely on Remus’s right shoulder. “Must’ve been the chocolate… Had a bit earlier… It’s gone off, I reckon…”

It was not until he heard Remus sigh that Sirius was able to look his friend in the eye. And he didn’t see disgust. Or loathing. He saw… Awe, maybe?

Before he had a chance to think any further, Remus had closed the gap between them again and was kissing Sirius. Hard.

Gradually Sirius pulled away, though without taking a step back from Remus.


“Yeah, Padfoot?” Remus asked with a stupid grin on his face.

“You taste like chocolate.”

Remus burst out laughing and opened his hazel eyes, looking up at Sirius with an expression of pure delight. “Colour me shocked.”

“And you know what else?” Sirius stared down at the beauty of his ‘best friend’


“I love you.”

Remus felt a tightness in his chest at that. His heart seemed to stop. Or maybe his heart had taken up residence in his throat. He couldn’t be sure which. Sirius was so… indescribable, really. As he trailed lazy fingers through that gorgeous ebony hair that fell handsomely over his face, and gazed into his perfectly grey, mysterious eyes surrounded by thick lashes and set in pale skin, Remus had never felt more at peace. It had been so hard for Remus to keep his feelings to himself, and for the first time he realised he hadn’t been the only one with a secret. It must have been just as hard for Sirius to have kept his emotions under wraps too... Thank Merlin Sirius was as impulsive a prat as ever or else they’d have gone their whole lives without knowing...



“Thanks so much for the chocolate, mate... But in all honesty, I love you more.”