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Stolen Magic by coolh5000


Samuel Radley is a wizard born without magic. Coming from a family with generations of witches and wizards, his brother Adrian has never really understood why Samuel has been left without, especially when there are others, with no magical blood at all, who somehow find themselves able to do magic. As he enters his fourth year at Hogwarts, it seems that the Ministry are finally starting to do something about this imbalance and Adrian couldn't be happier. All around him however, there is resistance to the new laws, and suddenly Adrian finds himself an outsider in his class and abandoned by his friends, when all he's ever done is love his family.

This is coolh5000 of Slytherin writing in the Great Hall chaptered challenge, for the Phoenix Rising prompt. I am pleased to say this story won in its section!

I am also really thrilled to say that Adrian Radley won the Chaptered QSQ for Best Original Character 2013! The story was also nominated in the Best General category.

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Published on: 08/03/12 Updated On: 07/29/15

Story Notes: Thanks a lot to the wonderful Kara for betaing :)

1. Prologue - Breaking the News by coolh5000 [ - ] (2290 words)

2. Chapter 1 - A New Year At Hogwarts by coolh5000 [ - ] (3077 words)
This chapter begins approximately three and a half years after the prologue. Thanks again to Kara for betaing!

3. Chapter 2 - Try-Outs and Tribulations by coolh5000 [ - ] (3354 words)

4. Chapter 3 - Muggle Studies by coolh5000 [ - ] (3640 words)
Thanks to Kara for betaing this so quickly. I'm going away for a week now, so the next chapter won't be up until I get home. In the mean time please leave a review!

5. Chapter 4 - Birthdays and Broomsticks by coolh5000 [ - ] (3521 words)

6. Chapter 5 - After the Match by coolh5000 [ - ] (3079 words)

7. Chapter 6 - Christmas by coolh5000 [ - ] (3344 words)
Wow, so after steaming through the first six chapters of this story, I hit a bit of a roadblock, which led to a bit of a delay. I hope you still enjoy this chapter, however, and hopefully there'll be even more updates over the next few days. Thanks, as always, to Kara for betaing.

8. Chapter 7 - Detention by coolh5000 [ - ] (4526 words)
I'm back! After a hideous absence, I bring you a nice long chapter to keep you entertained. The next chapter is almost finished as well so the wait now should be days rather than months! Thanks as ever to Kara for betaing.

9. Chapter 8 - The Ministry of Magic by coolh5000 [ - ] (3925 words)
As promised, here I am with another new chapter. The one after this is already with my wonderful beta, Kara, who is to thank for this chapter as well. Things take a slightly more dramatic turn here, so I hope you enjoy!

10. Chapter 9 - Conversations by coolh5000 [ - ] (3398 words)
Thanks as always to Kara for betaing. I'm working on the next chapter so hopefully it's not too far away!

11. Chapter 10 - Tomorrow by coolh5000 [ - ] (2904 words)
Sorry for such a long absence - I have no explanation other than the fact that I'm useless! However, Kara has once again been a wonderful beta and I hope you will enjoy this chapter. I will try and write the next one a lot quicker!

12. Chapter 11 - A New Direction by coolh5000 [ - ] (3819 words)
Thank you to Kara for Betaing! I have the next two chapters written so they will be up very shortly and the one after that is well under way as well. I hope you enjoy!

13. Chapter 12 - A Step Too Far by coolh5000 [ - ] (3756 words)
As promised, here is another chapter, posted as quickly as I could! The next one is with my beta now as well. Thanks very much for Kara as always for betaing. Any reviews are much appreciated!

14. Chapter 13 - The End by coolh5000 [ - ] (3835 words)
Thanks so much to Kara for betaing! Contrary to the chapter title this is not actually the end but the story is nearing completion now. After this chapter there will be one more and then an epilogue. I can't believe it's all almost over!

15. Chapter 14 - Back to School by coolh5000 [ - ] (3437 words)
*cough* So I realise it's been over a year (possibly almost two) since I last updated this, and that the chances of anyone reading this chapter are slim, but having recently done a re-read of the books, I was inspired to finally complete this chapter (which has been sitting in draft status for a long time) and thought I may as well post, just in case there's anyone still out there, and for me too, because there were a few ends I wanted to tie up and this chapter has pretty much been formed in my head for years. I must confess that this has not been betaed - so any mistakes (and I am sure there will be some) are all my own!