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More Than Just You by opti

Summary: Some things are worse than losing someone, like never having them at all. A short Shell Cottage missing moment.

Warning is for implication, just to be safe.
Ratings: 3rd-5th Years [ - ]
Category: Ron/Hermione
Characters: None
Warnings: Mental Disorders
Serie: None
Chapters: 1 Completed?: Yes
Wordcount: 1792 Viewcount: 3701
Published on: 10/25/12 Updated On: 10/28/12

1. oneshot by opti [ - ] (1792 words)
I'm usually very wary of writing Shell Cottage missing moments because, honestly, there's just so many of them (you want a good one, go read WeasleyMom's "Scenes from Shell Cottage") but combine a vivid nightmare, time before classes start, and a really anxious/productive writer and here's whatcha get.