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Destiny by The Ravenclaw Sheerio

Summary: Sequel to Possibility, but can be read as a standalone. Dudley Dursley is living happily now with his fiancée, Cho, and has learned to appreciate witches and wizards. Still, he is bewildered when he receives a letter by owl which just so happens to be an invitation to Harry and Ginny's wedding. The Various Pairings of the category are mainly Cho/Dudley and Harry/Ginny.
Ratings: 1st-2nd Years [ - ]
Category: Various Pairings
Characters: None
Warnings: None
Serie: None
Chapters: 1 Completed?: Yes
Wordcount: 1943 Viewcount: 619
Published on: 07/11/15 Updated On: 07/12/15

1. Chapter 1 by The Ravenclaw Sheerio [ - ] (1943 words)