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Hello readers and writers of MNFF!

I'm Wren, and I've been a member of this community for quite a few years. I tend to come and go depending on how much free time I have at the moment and whether I'm taking a step back from my original writing for a bit before editing and revising. One of my resolutions this year is to be better at time management and have a more consistent presence on both the archives and the beta boards. I'm tentatively dedicating every Thursday to fanfiction, so expect me to be around once a week with new stories and new posts on the boards.

While the archives were being moved to a new server, I spent a lot of time over on fanfiction . net for my Harry Potter fix. During my time there, I wrote many stories for competitions and challenges that I've yet to share here on MNFF. My plan (and nag me if I don't stick to it!) is to publish a one-shot or chapter every single Thursday for the next few months. I will be switching between updates to 'How We Ended Up Here' and miscellaneous one-shots, so whether you are patiently waiting for a new chapter or would rather read a shorter piece, you'll be getting an enjoyable update from me at least every fortnight (and every week if you enjoy both!). I look forward to getting some more stories on here and reading reviews (I respond to every single one!), so if you've enjoyed anything I've written thus far, prepare for lots more. :)

Until Again,

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