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Mahogany_wand is a student hailing from the marvelous US of A. She enjoys writing, algebra class, horseback riding, and acting. Her favorite thing to write is poetry, she liked learning about slope intercept form, she rides a horse named Poco, and she played an appleseller in the musical Annie. She also very much enjoys reading, sleeping, and playing Zoo Tycoon, as well as Pokemon cards with her siblings.

A little bit more about her for her stalkers: (hello Stalker. I am doing fine today, thank you for checking)


Books: Harry Potter, The Priness Diaries, anything by Neil Gaiman, The Thief Lord, Wicked
Movies The Princess Bride, The Phantom of the Opera, Avatar, Breakfast at Tiffany’s
Actors Johnny Depp, Rollo Weeks, Audrey Hepburn, Gerard Butler, Marylyn Monroe
Artists Vincent Van Gough, Louise Nevelson, Picasso
Bands Coldplay, Green Day, U2, The Killers, Death Cab for Cutie, among others
Poets William Carlos Williams FTW! e. e. cummings and Edgar Allen Poe, too.
Musicals Annie, Phantom of the Opera, Wicked, Singing in the Rain, Kiss Me Kate
Quotes “Dream as if you’ll live forever, live as if you’ll die today.” “Dreaming about being an actress is much more exciting than actually being one.” “I don’t want to be alone, I want to be left alone.”

A note about reviews: (please read!)
M_W truly appreciates reviews, and reads and cherishes every single one. However, because she has an awful tendency to procrastinate about anything that sticks its head under her nose, she may take a while in responding. Thanks!

mahogany_wand’s stories:

Kill the Snake
A poem about how Neville must kill Nagini

The Black Lake
A poem about (surprise, surprise) the Black Lake at Hogwarts.

What is Love?
After Lily’s death, will Snape find love ever again? After all, what the heck is love?

Don’t Hate Me Because I’m a Witch
Of all things you can hate your sister for, being a witch is the least of the problems.

Teddy Lupin finds some very unlikely friends in a rainstorm as a child.

Draco, Why Not Me?
Pansy laments over her relationship with our favorite blonde Slytherin at the latter’s wedding.

During the 1920s, a witch from a small town in California runs away from home to reach her top potential.

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Reviewer: mahogany_wand Signed
Date: 10/22/07 Title: None

Nice, but are you ever going to update? Ever? Just wondering. Love it though.

Author's Response: I need to do alot of work to my next chapter but it\'ll be up as soon as possible!! x

A Hogwarts Survival Guide by Pussycat123

Rated: 1st-2nd Years •
Summary: During her fifth year, Lily Evans decides to write a guide to life at Hogwarts, and how to survive it. She covers all aspects of life, and gives helpful advice on how to deal with certain scenarios. For example, would you know what to do if you realised there was a kleptomaniac in your Dorm? What if you lost your beloved teddy bear, Mr Muffles? And do you know how to push, without any force? Read on, and find out the best way of living and surviving at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry ...
Reviewer: mahogany_wand Signed
Date: 10/27/07 Title: Chapter 1: A Hogwarts Survival Guide


Author's Response: Are you sure your review thing is working properly?

The Choices We Make by licoricesnap

Rated: 3rd-5th Years •
Summary: During Ginny's fifth year at Hogwarts, she witnesses something that she had never thought was possible. Will it change the way she thinks about a certain Slytherin?
Reviewer: mahogany_wand Signed
Date: 12/13/07 Title: Chapter 10: Digging Up History

oooooooooh... kind of cliffie... Oh, please write more soooooon! Squeeeee!

Author's Response: Ooo I love getting \"squee\"s! Squeeeee!!!

Realizing It's Never Too Late by Gryffindor Girl

Rated: 3rd-5th Years •
Summary: After taking different paths a couple of years ago, Ron and Hermione find each other again, both of them wondering if their separation was a mistake. This applies especially to Hermione, who is leading an empty, unhappy life next to her fiance.

UPDATE (12/7/11): Newest chapter posted. Let us hope next one doesn't take me a year.
Reviewer: mahogany_wand Signed
Date: 01/23/09 Title: Chapter 16: Failure

OMGodric, a cliffie! The suspense will kill us! So update soon, hear me?! Good chapter, though! :)

Author's Response: I hear you! Thank you!

The Dark Lord's Blog by Schmerg_The_Impaler

Rated: 1st-2nd Years • Past Featured Story
Summary: What does Lord Voldemort do in his spare time? Well, that's an excellent question. Who would have known that the Dark Lord has a blog? (He also has a loyal following of readers, most of whom are Death Eaters and who post their comments.) Voldemort dispenses advice on everything from murder methods to germ protection to Power Rangers to shoes, and gives an account of the life of an evil overlord. But is he posting too much personal information online? And will Harry read it and find out more about the Dark Lord than Voldemort ever intended? Read and see.

WARNING: Extremely OOC behaviour from almost all.

RUNNER-UP in the 2007 Quicksilver Quills Awards for Best Humour fic! Also nominated like 21 times, because apparently my readers are as insane as I am!

Reviewer: mahogany_wand Signed
Date: 11/02/07 Title: Chapter 6: Chapter 6: I Sold My Soul on eBay

V. funny! I love the cutie voldiepoo

Author's Response: Thanks! He is a bit adorable, isn\'t he?

Draco, The Babysitter by mgle_teacher

Rated: 1st-2nd Years •
Summary: After a potion goes awry, Draco finds himself as the newly appointed babysitter of one Hermione Granger, age: 4. As if that wasn't humiliating enough, his wand is confiscated by Potter and he is forced to do everything the dreaded Muggle way.

Note to my readers: This story has been on hiatus forever due to a variety of factors. I do hope to finish it some day, but don't hold your breath. Also, this is NOT a Dramione nor will I change it to be one. Lastly, I am in the process of rewriting this story so bear with me.
Reviewer: mahogany_wand Signed
Date: 11/04/07 Title: Chapter 10: Fewat v. Won-Won

awwwwww.... It's very cute!

Author's Response: Thanks.

Some Witches are Insane by Lily of the US

Rated: 3rd-5th Years •
Summary: Ria is a Muggleborn starting her first year at Hogwarts with virtually no knowledge of the wizarding world whatsoever. (sounds fun, huh?) Join her as she makes (insane) friends, learns how to do magic, and discovers things about herself that were once hidden.

Chapter 5 is up, please review because I'm getting lonely.
Reviewer: mahogany_wand Signed
Date: 10/27/07 Title: Chapter 5: Flying Lessons

Nicey story!!!!! : )

Author's Response: Thanks! =) ~megan~

Reviewer: mahogany_wand Signed
Date: 10/29/07 Title: Chapter 4: The First Day


Author's Response: Haha, no, but that\'s a smart idea... no, Punita\'s a full blood Punjabi (she\'s Indian) so no, she\'s not Harry\'s daughter. But wouldn\'t that be interesting... Thanks for the review! ~megan~

The E-Journal of an Evil Janitor by Schmerg_The_Impaler

Rated: 1st-2nd Years •
Summary: It's the sequel to "The Dark Lord's Blog," guys! (And girls... and, I don't know, gender-neutral people and centaurs and walruses and parameciums and shrubs and stuff.)

Several months have passed since Filch came into possession of Voldemort's magical powers, and he has taken over Hogwarts.

With Filch serving as The Dark Lord Snoogerblossom, the position of Hogwarts caretaker/janitor is open. Seeing as Voldemort wants his magical powers back, he and his extremely attractive new sidekick, Mungo Phelps, go undercover at Hogwarts, with Mungo posing as a transfer student and Voldemort posing as the new janitor. Wacky high-jinks ensue.

Join Voldemort as he tries to get back his magic, kill Harry Potter, steal Gryffindor's sword to make a shiny new Horcrux, romance Minerva McGonagall, discover Sirius's secret to becoming a chick magnet, and swallow a teaspoon of his pride to mop up spills the Muggle way and wear an unflattering uniform! WARNING: Extremely silly and very out-of-character.

If you haven't read "The Dark Lord's Blog," well, what are you doing? GO READ IT NOW! Just click on my author name and you'll be directed to my chaotic author page, which lists all my wacky stories.

This is on hiatus, dudes. Ooh! But it was twice nominated by nice (and insane) people for the Best Humour Fic award in the Quicksilver Quills thingy!

Also, some wonderful loony nominated Mungo Phelps for Best Male OC, making him if possible even more conceited! (No one had the heart to tell Mungo that he was designed as an example of a terrible OC.)

EXCITING NEWS! "The E-Journal of an Evil Janitor" is now continued as a Twitter blog! Go to Twitter dot com and find thedarklord666. Voldy's waiting!
Reviewer: mahogany_wand Signed
Date: 12/11/07 Title: Chapter 2: Chapter 2: Enter The OC. Dramatically.

I do quite like this, although it has been a long time since an update... However I think it is absoulutely fantabulous and awsome and cool and rockin' and stylin' and neato and fergalicous(it's hot hot)! So, anyways, keep up the awsome work and continue being awsome and cool!

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I\'ve never had anything of mine been called absoulutely fantabulous and awsome and cool and rockin\' and stylin\' and neato and fergalicous all in the same sentence before!

Killer Instincts by Ginny Weasley Potter

Rated: 3rd-5th Years •
Summary: London: Four murders have taken place under bizarre circumstances, for what seems to be an equally bizarre reason.

Harry, a happily wedded man with a wonderful wife and a cute daughter, is an Auror at the Ministry of Magic and is now given a new case to solve with Ron and four other Aurors. Incidentally, the four Aurors include Ginny, Harry’s ‘schoolboy crush’; and it turns out to be much more than a crush when Harry sees her again. What’s more is that Harry is working upon a case that seems to connect to him directly. And once again, it opens up old fears: fears of losing loved ones.

Ron, on the other hand, seems to be tired of Hermione. Tempers are running high and fights are breaking out more often than usual. Are they really falling apart? Or can they sort this out before it is too late?

Then there is the case itself. Who is trustworthy, and who is not? Who is deadly enough to murder four people in cold blood?

Indulge into the gut-wrenching action, combined with warm romance and tingling suspense; while I tell you a story of love, ambition and obsession… a story of what those killer instincts can do. EDIT: MAJOR revamping going on, with regard to plot, characterisation, and general style of writing. I would urge you not to read this until I've removed this notice because I wasn't very good six years ago, and this is as bad as I was. *Places traffic cones*
Reviewer: mahogany_wand Signed
Date: 10/23/07 Title: Chapter 5: Rebecca Palmer

awww.... Ron is so nice!

Author's Response: Yep, Ron is really nice! I love him sooo much! Oooh, I\'m jealous of Hermione! :D

Reviewer: mahogany_wand Signed
Date: 10/01/08 Title: Chapter 7: Murder at Bethnal Green

Yay! You updated! I was so scared for Parvati, and I feel so bad for Harry! I think you portrayed Ginny very well.
Cant wait for the next chapter!


Author's Response: Thank you so much! :)

Potter's Pentagon: The Five (Book One) by Schmerg_The_Impaler

Rated: 1st-2nd Years •
Summary: WARNING! This story contains a jingle-bell antler headband, a shower of potatoes, boy/girl mushiness, underwear karaoke, family trouble, an excessively adorable werewolf, death, the song "Werewolves of London," betrayal, and the word 'Jordan' five times in a row near the beginning of chapter seven.

Twenty-one years after Voldemort's defeat, five fourth-years are faced with a new threat. Will all of the five stay true to the light side? Will they all emerge whole in the end? Will Jordan Potter ever get a life? You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll gasp, you'll sigh! Part one in a trilogy!

Well, after much deliberation and consideration, I've decided to submit my future-gen trilogy! This particular installment is three years old, so it's definitely different from my current writing style, but I'm quite fond of the characters.

DH is disregarded. It's a total coincidence that one of the main characters is named Ted Lupin.

Starring Quicksilver Quills 2008 Best Male Original Character runner-up Jordan Potter, Best Female Original Character nominees Ivy Potter, Haley Potter, and Emma Weasley, and Best Male Original Character nominee Ted Lupin!

Five times nominated (once for each member of Potter's Pentagon!) for the Best Post-Hogwarts story in the 2007 Quicksilver Quills Awards, and nominated for Best Post-Hogwarts story in the 2008 Quicksilver Quill Awards...

Reviewer: mahogany_wand Signed
Date: 03/04/08 Title: Chapter 5: Chapter 5: In Which Christmas Isn't Really All That Jolly

Who are Ted's siblings? Anerway, great chappie!

Author's Response: Thanks! Ted has an older brother named Nathaniel and a sister named Christina, both of whom are grown. You will see more of them in the third book of the trilogy.

The Cause by Pussycat123

Rated: 3rd-5th Years • Past Featured Story
Summary: Marty Price works for The Cause, which involves several campaigns and petitions on a weekly basis. It has become common knowledge within Hogwarts that if you see her coming towards you with a clipboard, you should turn and walk the other way. Or perhaps deny all grasp of the English language. And if this isn’t eccentric enough, there’s also her obsessive written observations of four boys in her year, which will one day make a rather interesting book ...

Remus Lupin, meanwhile, has always been a little different, too. Poor, sweet Remus Lupin is, to the casual observer, the picture of a sensible, hard working student. However, he has three friends who have done more for him than anyone knows and they have done this because of his troubled past, troubled present and troubled future. Why the gloominess? Because Remus Lupin just so happens to be a werewolf.

So what could these two possibly have in common? And how can their stories possibly connect?

Runner-up for the 2008 Best Marauder Era QSQ.
Reviewer: mahogany_wand Signed
Date: 10/24/07 Title: Chapter 4: The Bullies


Author's Response: Umm ... you didn\'t use the the less than 3 thing to make a heart did you? Because if you did, that would explain where the rest of this review went: into a big pit of html coding. If you just decided to type a random letter, then, um ... yeah. Have fun with that.

Reviewer: mahogany_wand Signed
Date: 02/21/08 Title: Chapter 10: Hapless Slytherins

I know someone named Jemima Lamb! Anyway, love the chapter and the story in general! Update soon!

Author's Response: Wow! What a coincidence! It was just a random name. Pretty cool, though. Glad you\'re enjoying the story!

A Day at the Spa by Nevilles Girl

Rated: 1st-2nd Years •
Dear Mister Snape,
We are very pleased to present you with this once in a lifetime offer: A free day at Deena’s Magical Day Spa! Just Apparate to the address below and present this coupon to redeem your prize! We hope to see you there!
Deena’s Magical Day Spa

Reviewer: mahogany_wand Signed
Date: 09/30/07 Title: Chapter 1: A Day at the Spa

Ha ha ha...

Author's Response: Thank you? Heh heh heh . . .

Reviewer: mahogany_wand Signed
Date: 09/30/07 Title: Chapter 1: A Day at the Spa

Ha ha ha...

Author's Response: Whoops! Double post--er--review.

Potter's Pentagon: The Truth (Book Two) by Schmerg_The_Impaler

Rated: 1st-2nd Years •
Summary: This is book two in the "Potter's Pentagon" trilogy. Read "Potter's Pentagon: The Five" first, myesss? Cool.

WARNING: This story contains French people, an internal monologue about a blue orange, adolescent facial hair, good old-fashioned snogging, superstitious truck drivers, a portrait who calls everyone "Mavis," a zoo break-in, some very strange clothes, romantic conflict galore, and Ron Weasley's caffeine addiction. And worst of all, Professor Zabini!

Hogwarts is hosting the Triwizard Tournament, and when one of the members of Potter's Pentagon is selected to represent the school, much excitement ensues. Simultaneously, elections are being held for Minister of Magic, and things are getting busy at the Ministry.

Not to mention the fact that Jordan's made a new Muggle friend without informing her of the itty-bitty fact that he's magical, Haley has found an enchanted diary of dubious origin, Ted's met a werewolf from Beauxbatons, and Emma... well, Emma's not having a good year.

And what exactly is Ivy up to, anyway?

Everyone has secrets. But in the end, the truth will have to come out.

Starring Best Male Original Character runner-up Jordan Potter, Best Female Original Character Nominees Ivy Potter, Emma Weasley, Haley Potter, and Giorgi Anderson, and Best Male Original Character nominee Ted Lupin! Nominated for Best Post-Hogwarts story in the 2008 Quicksilver Quill Awards!
Reviewer: mahogany_wand Signed
Date: 11/20/07 Title: Chapter 1: Chapter 1: In Which Jordan Spends Most of the Chapter Being Surprised

Wow! A wonderful sequel. I can't wait to read more!

Author's Response: Ohhhh, thank you! I should be updating very soon.

Reviewer: mahogany_wand Signed
Date: 12/25/07 Title: Chapter 6: Chapter 6: In Which Various French People Anger Various English People

Marina must be frozen, which is why her brain isn't functioning properly. Also, if Ivy studies much more her brains are going to leak out of her nose. Thanks for updating! MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL AND TO ALL A GOOD NIGHT!

Author's Response: MERRY CHRISTMAS TO YOU, TOO! Yep, that explains Marina\'s lapse of judgment. I\'ll definitely go with that. (Or that she and Emma are too similar, and this was likely to happen eventually.)

I feel so bad for Ivy. If I were Haley, I would tickle her until she laughed just to get her to smile.

Reviewer: mahogany_wand Signed
Date: 02/19/08 Title: Chapter 9: Chapter 9: In Which We Finally Learn Exactly What's Up

Funnily enough, I know some people veeeery much like your characters. For instance: My brother. He is JUST LIKE Jordan! My friend the_weird_one even calls him Jordan. Also, once in my drama class I met a pair of twins named Haley and Jordan. And the thing about that was Haley looked just like Haley! So yeah. I totally love this chapter, and can't wait for the next one! One last thing: I think Lee is Lily Evans. Thats all! Keep up the good work!

Author's Response: Oh my gosh, people refer to people in real life as people from my story?!?!?! Sorry, that was a bit excitable.

Anyway, it\'s very neat that there are twins named Haley and Jordan. I read that that was one of the most popular sets of twin names in England in 2004 (the year Haley and Jordan were born), which is one reason why I picked those names. YES, I HAVE NO LIFE. ^_^

Reviewer: mahogany_wand Signed
Date: 05/27/08 Title: Chapter 11: Chapter 11: In Which Ivy Gets Quite The Workout

First: great chapter. Next: WEIRD DREAM. And finally, was Tyrone a good kisser?

Huggles from Muggles!

Author's Response: Thanks! I seem to remember that Tyrone was an extremely good kisser, but he must have been rather hampered by the fact that I\'m really not a good kisser. As for Tyrone\'s kissing habits, well, you\'ll find out more about those in... well, the third Potter\'s Pentagon book and \"Pride and Pre-juiced Plums.\" *Grin*