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Hi, I'm CA. I used to be a college student studying (in a loose sense of the word) Genetics and Biotechnology with a minor in Music. Now I'm a part-time secretary with no delusions of grandeur whatsoever.

I am an avid reader. Sometimes I write. Other preferred activities include playing piano, dancing, singing, and generally loving life.

I'm a member of Hufflepuff House. One of those "we'll take the lot" cases more than hard work or loyalty, I'm afraid.

Before I started writing fanfiction seriously, I hated romance. I wouldn't even read it here. Then I discovered Other Pairings and I've unleashed a great power of fluff. I hope you enjoy my work. Feel free to drop me a review if you get the notion.

My favorites right now are "We Need All the Allies We Can Get" and "Catchphrase." "Gratification and Justification" has its moments. "Don't Get Caught" is my one featured story.

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Harry Potter and the Needed One by king

Rated: 1st-2nd Years •
Summary: SPOILER WARNING! Events in HBP are discussed. This story picks up immediately after the funeral as Harry and his friends leave Hogwarts on the train. During the summer that follows Harry’s sixth year he begins his lonely quest to destroy Lord Voldemort. He finds two of the items that he is seeking and a truth he has been attempting to avoid. This chapter covers the trip to London on the Hogwarts Express after Dumbledore’s funeral. Why are Professors McGonagall and Flitwick on the train? Why is Hermione crying on someone else’s shoulder? What is Percy Weasley up to?
Reviewer: Cinderella Angelina Signed
Date: 09/08/05 Title: Chapter 3: Chapter 3 House Keeping Chores

Reading stories like yours make me wonder if I'm really a closet H/Hr shipper. It's a good story so far, I wish I hadn't read it all (plus your one-shot you mentioned) so quickly, because now I have to wait impatiently for an update. You might want to put HBP spoiler in your summary, but chances are that whoever it would spoil has already been spoiled, so it's probably up to you. How long is this story going to be, do you know?

Author's Response: Hi Cinderella! Thanks for the nice review! Chapter 4 is in the queue. My plan right now is for the story to be eight or nine chapters long. The plan started out at five chapters but I decided I didn't want to make the chapters too long.


Reviewer: Cinderella Angelina Signed
Date: 09/05/05 Title: None

Eh . . . I don't have a bird, and it's not from Neptune. Anyway, I liked it. It was very subtle. I wouldn't mind more to the story, eventually, but it was fine as it was. Um, if you like you can review my story now. I'd appreciate it. My favorite part of this story, probably, is that Hermione loves the rain and because her adoration is so prevalent Harry starts liking it too.

Author's Response: Thanks for your review. I know that the fluff is very subtle, but that was partly what I was going for. When relationshps progress from friendship, it really is fairly slow because both kind of think of the consequences it may have. Read your poem! I thought it was pretty good!

Krum's Story by magick

Rated: 1st-2nd Years •
Summary: Viktor shuffled onto the Pitch, glad to have something to distract him. He flew into the air and that’s when he saw her. She wasn’t extraordinary; she had bushy brown hair, dark eyes, and warm skin. But to him, she was the most beautiful girl he had ever seen.
Reviewer: Cinderella Angelina Signed
Date: 10/04/05 Title: Chapter 1: Chapter One: You're Beautiful

Oh, I hope you update! I'm really interested to hear this story from Krum's point of view! (I'm "trying" to write one from Hermione's point of view, hmm, interesting.) I think it's intriguing that he noticed her and was interested in her from the QWC and that's why he caught the Snitch. Wow. Well, Hope to see more of this one! *D*

Author's Response: Thank you, but I can't take all the credit. Another author gave me the permission to use her ideas. I hope you'll like the future chapters. Again, thank you so much!

Dream Walking by Roxy Black

Rated: 1st-2nd Years •
Summary: Harry has been waiting for over a week to leave the world of the muggles once more. Dumbledore is about to arrive and new adventures are bound to begin. This story runs directly aside HBP, think of it as missing scenes. What mysteries are held within the moments JK missed? How about these...

Reviewer: Cinderella Angelina Signed
Date: 10/03/05 Title: Chapter 1: I can trust these two with anything...

Nice. I liked it. I especially enjoy the thought that half of Harry's brain is Hermione and the other half is Ron. Makes sense, methinks. I think it's a good idea of what may have happened behind the scenes. Good job!

Author's Response: Thank you. I sometimes find I have voices in my head telling me what to write, usually they sound like my friends, Lol, I sound crazy now don't I. Oh Well. I'm glad you liked my story! I'd posted this one on a different fan site and hadn't had many reviews (and the few I had hadn't been too great) so I'm grateful for a positive review! Thanks!


Reviewer: Cinderella Angelina Signed
Date: 09/30/05 Title: None

This is a good start. The main detraction from my enjoyment was a few canon errors I spotted--for example, Hedwig is a girl owl. But they are not particularly glaring to someone who's not too picky, and I think it's a good start (I said that already). Interested in seeing how you continue this story.

Author's Response: Thank you for your review!

My Father's Path by the nutty imp

Rated: 1st-2nd Years •
Summary: Draco thought that his destiny and path to greatness lies in following his father's footsteps...
Reviewer: Cinderella Angelina Signed
Date: 09/19/05 Title: Chapter 1: September 2005 Monthly Challenge # 2

Wow. This was pretty good. I love it when you intersperse dialogue and poetry. But . . . in one instance, you used "gapping" instead what I think you meant as "gaping." Other than that, quite interessant et excellent. *D*

Author's Response: *L* That's what I get for submitting an un-betaed chapter. ^_^ Corrected that. Thanks. Actually this isn't so original. I've used this style before for my other one-shot fic. ^_^ (I actually like the other better) The flow is slightly choppy on this one ... but didn't have the time to fix it before the deadline ^_^ ... *sigh* I'm such a crammer. *lol*

Author's Response: fixed the flow a bit ^_^ I think it works a bit better now. ^_^

Imperius by Pallas

Rated: 1st-2nd Years •
Summary: “Imperius… Werewolves…You-Know-Who…” The last words of a dying man force Remus Lupin into a dangerous investigation at the infamous Feral Institute. Sequel to Oblivious; pre-reading would be useful but it isn’t vital.
Reviewer: Cinderella Angelina Signed
Date: 02/21/06 Title: Chapter 10: In The Open

Oooh, I always knew it would be Rolphe! I'm very glad they made up and seem to be getting along quite well, and I hope that the dinner goes nicely too. Hmm. A Ravenclaw. Oh, well, I won't worry about that just now.

I've been waiting quite anxiously for this chapter to arrive ever since I noticed however long ago that you'd updated. I'd actually lost hope that you really had added another chapter. But I guess not!

So now that the Trio are all filled in, what are they going to do with the information? They're not the type of people to just sit around, are they? Well . . . often, yes. Sometimes, at least.

My favorite part of this chapter was the Remus/Reynard interchange. Very clever and amusing, it made me smile.

Now, because I'm the type of girl I am, I feel obligated to point out a couple typos, because I'll feel guilty if I don't. But they in no way detracted from the chapter, not at all. Okay, first off, "the edge that her lingered in her eyes throughout" when referring to Ginny Weasley appears to have an extra "her." And Remus Lupin commends her for the "fine piece of addition advice." And then the students "clammered," when I think the word you want here is "clamored."

That's it! It was a marvelous chapter (mostly because the interchange between father and son, but it was all good). Okay, I will now cease and desist. Have a nice day!

Reviewer: Cinderella Angelina Signed
Date: 10/07/06 Title: Chapter 17: An Occupational Hazard

*bites lip* Oh my goodness. That is something I never ever expected. Adds a whole new level to her hate, doesn't it? *personally thinks that family shouldn't hate each other and she should get over it*

I really liked Rufus; he seemed a nice chap and someone I'd like to see more of in the coming chapters.

Noticed a couple typos, but not to worry.

I can't tell you how insanely happy it's made me to see you're updating so quickly. You can take all the time you want, really (*cringes that she's actually saying that *) but as long as you don't abandon, no fuss.

Have a nice day! *D*

Reviewer: Cinderella Angelina Signed
Date: 12/31/06 Title: Chapter 24: Epiphany

This chapter was a nice break from the nail-biting excitement of the last few chapters, but it was almost as emotionally draining. Remus is pretty stupid, isn’t he. I really love the way you characterize him and Tonks. Their dynamic is nice and the way they played off it was very believable, even though you didn’t want that to happen. I look forward to every chapter because you have a very exciting story here and I love the way you write, with humor and suspense. By the way, I think I noticed an ‘eyed’ that should be ‘eyes.’ But, as is usual, your little typos never detract from the story you’re trying to tell. Thanks for working on this and don’t forget to update when you’ve got your chapters written! Have a nice day!

Reviewer: Cinderella Angelina Signed
Date: 02/04/07 Title: Chapter 27: Deserted

Oh no, oh no oh no. Not the Dementor! Stupid Cymone! Though she could prove useful when it comes to the Others that Vanished. If only there wasn't a Dementor to worry about.

Boy, I'm glad I happened to be on MNFF because I did not get a notification that this was updated.

There is something wrong in the Institute, and this chapter is excellent at portraying that. Remus' feelings are particularly good. When he finds the second smashed Portkey and sees how pale Felisha has gone...oh, I got the shivers. I ... I worry now. How are they going to get out of this one? (Just when I thought it couldn't get any worse...)

There's one sentence in this chapter I have trouble with. but then, the slow realisation of her current intactness seemed to dawn upon her and one round eyes behind crooked glances peaked out from behind one palm.

First of all, I think it would be just one round eye. Behind crooked glances especially confused me -- I need to go look up if Cymone has glasses because if she does I think that might be what you meant. Otherwise...I'm confused. Also, "peaked" should be "peeked."

Other than that, marvelous job. Please update soon because this is the most evil cliffhanger I have ever read.

Reviewer: Cinderella Angelina Signed
Date: 05/15/12 Title: Chapter 50: Epilogue

And now I've read this one again. :) I like this story an awful lot.

Reviewer: Cinderella Angelina Signed
Date: 08/08/13 Title: Chapter 4: Brief Encounters


I am going to try to stop myself from re-reading this whole story again (I am a chronic rereader) and in order to do that I'm leaving a review!

On this chapter, because it's where I've stopped.

I did notice one thing that I never had before: when Cymone walks in on Remus and Felisha with a "strange look on her face" -- Remus has no idea quite how strange, or what Cymone probably has in her mind! ("Cymone")

Anyway, yep, I like this story. I tell everyone that it's my headcanon and I don't care what JKR put in the biography.

Reviewer: Cinderella Angelina Signed
Date: 08/13/13 Title: Chapter 50: Epilogue

Aggggh no I accidentally read the whole thing!!!

(I mean, it was great, and I need SOMETHING on the screen while I'm doing work-type things. But I told myself I wasn't going to.)

Anyway, great job. I will probably go read "A Little More Time" now.

Toujours Pur - On Being A Black by Marauding_with_Moony

Rated: 1st-2nd Years •
Summary: A submission for the Poetry Anyone? thread on the forum. Sirius reflects on his family's morals from Heaven, in a conversation with God.
Reviewer: Cinderella Angelina Signed
Date: 01/08/06 Title: Chapter 1: Heaven is 'Always Pure'

Ooh, I like this one. I agree with much of what nutty said, but I'd have to disagree with "purity's a fame." I think it's fine the way it is.

My only other complaint with this poem is a little bit of the scanning. I know it's hard to get it exactly right, though, and goodness knows I don't have any bright ideas on how to make it work better. *is stupid*

I have to reiterate one thing that nutty said: the contrast of purity of blood and purity of soul. That was just such a great connection, I have to mention it again.

Just because I am the Arithmancy expert, I will arithmanticate your title. Toujours Pur - On Being a Black = 2. Now, er, make of that what you will, if you want to put any stock in it at all. ^_^

Have a nice day! *D*


Reviewer: Cinderella Angelina Signed
Date: 11/29/05 Title: None

Ooh . . . I am so interested! I'll admit to having a bad habit of reading a story that doesn't have any reviews to see why it doesn't have any reviews, but this one is good! There may have been a little too much description of Fleur's looks, but it's understandable, I suppose. I'm intrigued by your portrayal of Fleur as an insider that knows she's snotty and rude. One more little nitpick that I'm sure won't detract from the story too much (it seems like you've done some research), I got the impression from reading the fifth book that Fleur was working at Gringotts directly after Harry's fourth year, but it's understandable to have her stay one more year--after all, Hermione was 17 long before Halloween during her sixth year. So, I will endeavor to ignore this one canon issue--it's not a big one after all, and I don't know how many people would catch it. The story's promising, at any rate.

Author's Response: Thanks for the review! I'm glad you were honest and I'll try to fix those mistakes and I'm definetly happy you're interested. The second chapter is 'In Que' and I hope you find it good as the first chapter but I think I'm going to have to change it a bit. But once again, thanks for the review. I hope you find this story alright after all. ♥ Heather

A Death Eater's Christmas by the nutty imp

Rated: 1st-2nd Years •
Summary: 12 Days of Christmas - HP Style - Focuses on Barty Crouch Jr.

(Although I don’t really think that this is that disturbing… I think I still ought to post a warning.)
Warning: This is not a happy and humourous Christmas-sy tale. It gives us a brief look at the disturbing deranged mind of Barty Crouch Jr.

Reviewer: Cinderella Angelina Signed
Date: 12/02/05 Title: Chapter 1: Winter Snows Challenge # 4

Hey, clever, and a nice tie-in with "canon." It was a little distracting because your sixth one changed every few verses--was that intentional, and if so, why? Anyway, I liked it. Have a nice day! *D*

Author's Response: Thanks CA ^_^

*wince* actually it wasn't ... my mind must have been elsewhere, while I was writing *lol* Before submitting I changed the verses that doesn't seem to work well or was repeatative ... guess I wasn't paying enough attention to what I wa doing ^_^. Some beta I am *L*

Resolution by Vindictus Viridian

Rated: 3rd-5th Years •
Summary: "You did not come here to play chess."
On New Year's Eve, Minerva McGonagall finds herself without the usual distractions of students and staff. She decides there is only one way to solve the puzzle before her, and that she will have to take a rather large chance.
This was a submission for the Redemption Challenge and contains huge howling unavoidable HBP spoilers.
Reviewer: Cinderella Angelina Signed
Date: 02/11/06 Title: Chapter 1: Resolution

This didn't seem as dark as I thought it might be when I read the summary. Ah well. It was still excellently written. It would make sense that, if he and Minerva were close enough to play the occasional game of chess, he would allow some of his humor to come through to her. The chess game itself was a nice symbolism, too. Well done.

Author's Response: Thank you for the review! I always wondered how Minerva and Severus agreed with each other when their students were not looking, and with our added views of the younger Severus I started wondering which of his Hogwarts teachers he might have liked or respected. And suddenly he and Minerva were playing chess -- not just on the board, but with their Houses as well. Both Gryffindors and Slytherins seem to need a reason to focus their energies into competition, and their respective Heads of House seem to have made a good game of it.

Finally Love at Long Last by Alessa

Rated: 1st-2nd Years •
Summary: It's Christmas at the Burrow. Ron and Hermione finally admit their true feelings for one another. A/N This is a Christmasy one shot since it is the season.
Reviewer: Cinderella Angelina Signed
Date: 12/01/05 Title: Chapter 1: 1

I think this story might be better served in the simply R/Hr category, since there's no development of H/G as part of the plot. However, it was kind of an enjoyable story. I think it was set up quite well and could be placed nearly anywhere in the Hogwarts years, which is somewhat refreshing I guess. I liked it. It was a nice Christmas-y tale that made me smile.

Author's Response: Well, I'm glad you liked it. I just put it as R/Hr and H/G because it shows both of those couples. Thanks for the review.

Clair De Lune by Astrid Skywalker

Rated: 6th-7th Years •

It was full moon when the Dark Lord sealed a part of his soul within a magical amulet, and then broke it in half. One half was left to the faithful werewolves to guard. The other half was tossed into the impenetrable depths of time where no one but him could get it. When the first half has been found, the Order of the Phoenix selects Hermione Granger to go back into the past to search for the missing piece. What is waiting for her is a brutal task that will test her beyond her limits, and an undying love that extends beyond the boundaries of time.


No werewolves were harmed in the making of this story.

Winner of 2007 Quicksilver Quills Awards - Best Non-Canon Romance

Update (9 May): Chapter 17, Burning, is up! Enjoy!

Reviewer: Cinderella Angelina Signed
Date: 12/31/05 Title: Chapter 1: The Amulet

Gracious, I don't know what to say . . . you amaze me. I can already sense the positive things about Lupin . . . maybe I'm just getting ahead of myself, but I'm really really loving it so far! I'm so happy I noticed there's another chapter up (don't say a word, please don't, it's the holidays) and so now I'm going to go read it and see if I subconsciously came and found this second installment in my sleep also--hmm. Well, let's just say that this first chapter is even better than it was the first time I read it, however long ago that was. I'll be quiet now. Have a nice day! *D*

Author's Response: *huggles CA* I missed you! And thanks so much for your thoughtful review. Yes, uhm, I'm trying to continue my other WIP *eyes Word doc apprehensively*. I'll get to it, I promise. :D

Reviewer: Cinderella Angelina Signed
Date: 12/31/05 Title: Chapter 2: Foreshadowing

*gasp* Lei, I love it! If your number of reads goes up dramatically over the next few days it's because I have come back over and over to fall into this story. And it's just beginning! I hope the holidays have been good to you and you got some more written on this and your other projects that I've been (rather silently, I apologize) keeping a bit of an eye on. Have a nice day! *D*

Author's Response: Agh, I think I responded to the wrong review previously. O.O Must be because I'm up at 1 AM? Haha. Thanks, CA, you're the best! :D