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Currently working on: The Hawthorn Root (she's written), Obsession

All you need to know is that I take my writing (fairly) seriously but sometimes get a little too bogged down with life in general to update things or post new stories. I know, there's just so many of you that must enjoy my stories... sarcasm aside, I love you all and thanks for so much as a read!

NOTE - I have removed a few stories due to the delicate themes that were - I think - poorly handled. This is purely my decision, as I thought they over-simplified or glorified poor judgments and thoughts.

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The Night Before Christmas by HalfASlug

Rated: 6th-7th Years •
Summary: It was the night before Christmas and Ron Weasley's plans for a quiet night in with his pregnant wife and her infuriating cat don't quite go to plan.
Reviewer: opti Signed
Date: 08/04/12 Title: Chapter 1: Chapter 1

Fantastic! Captures everything I love about R/Hr so well, especially the humorous bits. I don't think I'll be reading something that makes me laugh as hard as "if that kid comes out of there with shit hair, green eyes and a scar then we are going to be having a very serious discussion afterwards". It works as something genuinely funny and shows that Ron's matured enough to joke about something that crippled him so much before. Well done.

Author's Response: Thanks for reading and reviewing :) Glad you enjoyed it! So much over thinking went into that line so I'm so happy that someone took note of it showing that Ron is over his insecurities. The sleepless nights seem worth it now, haha!

His Only Friend by Nagini Riddle

Rated: 1st-2nd Years •
Summary: One day, a dying man collapses in the woods, only to find a true friend...
Reviewer: opti Signed
Date: 07/20/12 Title: Chapter 1: His Only Friend

Ooh, this was very interesting and very well written. A nice little character study with some really cool imagery!

Author's Response: Oh thank you very much!!!!!!!! :) Yes, I really enjoyed writing this, because I got the chance to explore a different point of view. I tried so hard to make it have the imagery and to be dark! It was hard work! But it seems to have paid off. Thank you again for your lovely review!

One, Two, Three by Alice Mac

Rated: 1st-2nd Years • Past Featured Story
Summary: Have you ever been a part of something? I have - we were one, two, three together. Three pieces of a rather small jigsaw puzzle. But we were solid, strong and we felt untouchable.

Do you believe in 'forever?' I did. But then, I could be quite arrogant at times.
Reviewer: opti Signed
Date: 08/05/12 Title: Chapter 1: Death of the Knight Bus

Wonderful. Just wonderful. I was a little teary-eyed I admit, and the whole of the thing was incredible. Characterization was spot on, and as such made the piece believable and crushing. I like the light hinting at the identity of the 'him' throughout up until the big, obvious reveal. And despite all of the trauma in the story, the bittersweet ending was just enough.

Kiss by HalfASlug

Rated: 3rd-5th Years •
Summary: The trio's friendship hangs in the balance when one of them makes an unexpected move on another. Trio friendship fluff.
Reviewer: opti Signed
Date: 09/12/12 Title: Chapter 1: Kiss

Oh, I needed a good laugh after all of the dreary things I've been reading and writing!

This totally took up the mantle for me. Nothing especially jumped out at me, and I mean that in the best way possible - It all just fit together quite nicely. Everything from Harry's deadpan 'Oh God' attitude to Ron pretty much saying "I didn't want him to kiss me, I swear!" had me in hysterics. Really sweet and a nice comfort from all the darkness. Like a ray of sunshine, really.

Oh, and I would be remiss if I didn't say that I legitimately cackled at Ron's comments about legs, boobs, and, of course, Hermione's reactions. Love it.

Author's Response: Thanks for reading and reviewing :) Haha, this was actually written because I was writing a lot of angst and I needed a break. Glad I could be of assistance. It was one of those ideas that struck and their reactions in my head made me chuckle. Legit cackles are my goal - especially when infantile humour is the cause :)

Little Angel Wings by Ginny Weasley Potter

Rated: 6th-7th Years • Past Featured Story
Summary: Ron and Hermione have a normal married life, complete with the good and bad moments: they have the small fights, the passionate kisses and every other thing that a normal marriage consists of. They can handle anything together and a slightly sick son is no problem at all.

But then it becomes a big problem. Hugo is not just ‘slightly sick’ anymore. He has something bigger and much worse than anything Ron or Hermione could ever imagine. And that is when the normalcy of their marriage truly begins to be tested as their ‘small fights’ no longer remain so.

Will they get out of this without any permanent damage, and most importantly, will they get out of it with two children instead of just one?

This is Ginny Weasley Potter of Hufflepuff house writing for the ‘Bonded’ prompt of the Great Hall chapter challenge. Nominated for the 2013 QSQ awards in the best canon romance catergory!
Reviewer: opti Signed
Date: 09/12/12 Title: Chapter 1: Buttery Passion

Well, now you've gone and given me a big ol' smile with this chapter! I enjoyed the fluff - especially Rose at breakfast - but I also can't wait to see how much 'darker' this goes.

The title and Ron telling Hermione 'not to worry', though, make me wonder if they can stay "madly in love" after what's going to happen. Well, we just have to wait (impatiently), I guess!

Author's Response: Oh, hey! Thank you for checking this out! I'm glad I could make you smile! :D Ron and Hermione always make me smile too and I realised I had been missing them a lot, when I wrote this. I've been so busy with the next generation and OCs that this was really a breath air!

The fluff was actually much more explicit and graphic, having been written for a smut challenge a year ago lol. However, it seems to have turned to mere fluff now. :p Ooh, and lol, Rose is a star, isn't she? :D I really enjoyed writing her. :p

Oh, and I'll try to update ASAP. Was going to do it a few hours ago, but I had a few doubts with my Beta. As for Ron and Hermione's love... well, ;). Thank you so much for the wonderful review!

Reviewer: opti Signed
Date: 09/19/12 Title: Chapter 2: Hugo is Sick Again

I don't have a whole lot to comment on other than I like this. A lot! Well, I did like how you brought up something you don't see too often in their relationship: the pouting and bringing things up over and over again. Good stuff!

I'm not gonna lie, though, I gave a little bit of a blush at the inclusion of the blood-letting charm :)

Author's Response: Ah, yes, that's why I've mentioned you on two A/Ns. :) Thank you for that, it was very, very helpful!

Well, for this fic, my friend and I staged this conversation between Ron and Hermione. I was Ron, she was Hermione and we argued in a way that we thought they would and I noted down all the points. At that point my friend told me that when she and her boyfriend would argue, they'd bring up old points in their fights and argue about the same things over and over again.

I'm so glad you liked this chapter! Thank you for your review! :)

Reviewer: opti Signed
Date: 10/01/12 Title: Chapter 3: Coincidence

Things are getting a lot more chaotic in this story, and it's showing in their attitudes and the overall structure and flow. Ron's getting more sarcastic and introverted, and Hermione's a bit more touchy and her words are getting tangled up by Ron - all very nice character transitions in such a terrible time!

Even though it was necessary for the story, Terry's explanations gave me Physiology lecture flashbacks *shudders*. I'm always jealous of writers that can put something so technical (in this case, leukemia) into a story without throwing off the pacing. I so need to work on that.

Anyways, great job so far and I can't wait for more.

Author's Response: I'm pretty sure, the way Ron and Hermione seem to be turning out while I'm writing (and I have a plot, but I go according to my Ronmione thought flow) there will be a good case of the Brownian motion very soon. And I'm so glad you liked Ron and Hermione. I get very nervous about writing major characters. :D

Ha, I know what you mean. I remember seeing slides of AML and ALL blood and bone marrow smears last year and writing this reminded me of those lectures and the notes and everything. :p I have never been very good with explaining technical stuff. I had to experiment with a few non-medico friends to get this right. :)

I'm glad you like it this far and will get you more ASAP. :)

Reviewer: opti Signed
Date: 10/29/12 Title: Chapter 7: Little Angel Wings

I read the chapter title and... oh, my poor heart! Then it was just little Rosie asking that question and all was well.

Then the end happened. Yeah, I'm sure palpitations are good for my age ;)

Author's Response: Funnily enough, the chapter title wasn't to scare anyone, lol, but good to know that it made you think Hugo was dying (yeah, I'm evil). And you approve of the end too! Yesss! I'm so happy. :D Yayy! This means it definitely wasn't OOC, so I am a happy girl now. :D Thank you!

PS: I'll be a doctor in about two years and you can consult me if the palpitations persist. :p

Save Me by Sly Severus

Rated: Professors •
Summary: A year after the war, wounds remain fresh. Survivors struggle just to keep surviving. They’re plagued with guilt, illness, and new prejudices.

Harry always thought his life would get easier after the demise of Voldemort, but he was wrong.
Reviewer: opti Signed
Date: 09/15/12 Title: Chapter 4: You Don't Belong Here

I'm enthralled by this story. Every bit of it smells exactly like the epilogue that should have happened but we never wanted to happen.

I like the characterizations, especially the Malfoys and Harry, but the brevity just leaves me sort of... unsatisfied. Perhaps when it all comes together it will seem 'stronger' to me, and I really hope it does. Right now I feel like we miss key characters' inner monologues or positions, but, again, that may be due to there being only a handful of chapters up yet.

Either way, I adore this and can't wait for more. Oh, and I never thought I'd see a Death song used within an HP fic. Fits better than I would've thought at first.

Author's Response: Thanks so much! I was very unsatisfied with the epilogue for many reasons. One being that the whole happily ever aspect felt very wrong. These people were all bound to be messed up. I get that it was nineteen years later, but I don't know...

Well, I'm thrilled you especially like Harry and the Malfoys because the most focus is on them. Harry, Draco and Narcissa probably have the biggest roles in the story. Honestly, I don't know how you'll feel about the later chapters, but I will say the first three were pretty much entirely set-up. See which chatacters will be playing and role and show where they're currently at in their lives. So hopefully you'll find the next chapters more satisfying.

Ah yes, the Death song. I hadn't even heard of them until yesterday. I was banging my head against a wall trying to find a song for this chapter and a friend suggested it. I was surprised how well it fit, too. :)
<./br> Thanks so much for the review. I really appreciate it. :)

Reviewer: opti Signed
Date: 09/21/12 Title: Chapter 11: You Can't Save the World

I was intrigued by this story to begin with, and now I'm just plain obsessed. Not 100% sure where this is going (I've got, like, 10 different ideas lol), but I'm hooked nonetheless.

Concise writing is something I'm really envious of, so kudos on that as well :)

Author's Response: Thanks so much!

As for knowing where the story is going. It should be pretty hard to guess right now. There are still some big revolutions to come up.
<./br> I'm glad you're enjoying the story and thanks for taking the time to review. :)

Reviewer: opti Signed
Date: 09/26/12 Title: Chapter 16: Illegal Plots

Again, I like the portrayal of the Malfoys. Lucius comes across here as a man that has pretty much devoted his entire life to his family now, which is exactly how I imagine him post-DH. Or, as a sniveling suck up but you took the more engaging route, ha. Sometimes he feels a little off, but we don't know everything about his character so it's quite reasonable to assume him behaving like this (if only around his wife).

I want to say to any other/future reviewers, though, that it should have been easy to deduce what would happen between Harry and Draco just from the first few chapters + the warnings. *shrug*

Author's Response: Thanks so much. I'm glad you like my portrayal of Lucius. I do see him showing a different side of himself to Narcissa. I've always believed that he loved her very much, despite any of the insanity that was going on in their lives. Writing him post-DH is far more fun because I think his character has learned and matured, but still has a cruel streak, hence his charming plans for Andromeda.

And thank you so much for your comments regarding Harry and Draco. I thought there were plenty of anvil sized hints in the The Tequila Tango and Here's to Forgetting about where I was going with them before they actually kissed. I was actually pretty disappointed with the response to that chapter since most of the comments I got on this site were complaints about the pairing...

Thanks so much for reviewing. I reallly appreciate your comments.

Reviewer: opti Signed
Date: 10/05/12 Title: Chapter 25: Special

Well, I was waiting for this ever since you introduced George into the story, haha. This could turn up some very interesting plot developments... and there's one in particular I would LOVE to see you go through with, though it would break my/everyone's heart. But, I trust you with taking me somewhere equally engrossing. Don't disappoint!

I've not a whole lot else to say, just that I'm greedily waiting more. And the last few chapters went without reviews, and we can't have that.

Author's Response: Thanks so much for reviving my reviews. I'm glad you're enjoying the story. Hmm...I wonder where you want me to go wtih George and Hermione. Very curious. Thanks for sharing the love. *hugs*

Reviewer: opti Signed
Date: 10/11/12 Title: Chapter 31: Finding Happiness

'You deserve to be happy again, Hermione.'

Thank you, Harry, for saying what we were all thinking last chapter. Hell, all of their dialogue was just what I was thinking, it's eerie how the words were ripped right out of my head. Great chapter, but now I'm wondering how long that happiness will last?

By the way, about my previous review, what I really wanted to see happen between Hermione and George was George somehow dying by the end. Sometimes I'm meaner to my favorite characters than I should be, ha.

Author's Response: Thanks so much fr the review!

I am also espcially cruel to my favorite charcters but I get upset when anyone else is mean to them. Makes sense, huh? Anyway, George isn't one of my ultimate favs and he will survive until the end of the tale. :p

Reviewer: opti Signed
Date: 10/24/12 Title: Chapter 44: Dinner with the Weasleys


I was certainly not expecting this to be as overtly negative as it was. Why can't all be well and good in their world? Why do you have to be so mean to us? I'm only joking, since I love all of the awkwardness this whole scenario creates.

Reminds me of a situation I was in that wasn't very different, and I was pretty much in Hermione's shoes (minus the holding a fella's hand part). Most nerve-wracking experience of my entire life, and you definitely pulled that off.

Author's Response: Thanks for the review. I don't mean to be cruel o my readers, just Jo's characters. :P

As far as the plot goes, this scene was the main reason I paired Hermione and George. Hermione's little slip of the tongue is going to set some things in motion. :)

Reviewer: opti Signed
Date: 11/09/12 Title: Chapter 65: Home

So now are gone the daily updates, gone is the constant of this story. But, we enjoyed it while it lasted, and I will - probably tomorrow, maybe the day after - write a review on all of this. I have a handful of gripes, and right now I am far too tired to divulge into them. All I can say is: thanks for the tale!

Author's Response: Sounds good. Thanks for reading and I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Reviewer: opti Signed
Date: 11/11/12 Title: Chapter 65: Home

Well, I promised and so ye shall receive. I guess the easiest way for me to do this, since this is such a character driven piece, is to look at your major characters. Sound good?

Harry. I think, at first, I understood exactly what you were doing with him. The war-weary Harry archetype has been done before, the Harry-without-his-best-friend has been done before, but I felt more connected to the way you wrote him. It might have something to do with the short chapters and quicker updates forcing me to internalize all of it at a breakneck speed, but overall I think he was well done. His relationship with Draco was pretty believable and I liked the portrayal a whole helluva lot better than others’ renditions “ it’s got a pretty firm root in physical desire but, hey, plenty of actual relationships are.

The Malfoys. A lot of my early praise was toward Lucius, since he seemed like a broken man just trying to do better, and I think that stays throughout. He tries to cope with the Harry/Draco relationship, and the way he does it at first “ complete avoidance “ felt real and, therefore, more heartbreaking. The redemption of his character felt a little unearned, to be honest, but by the time 65 chapters of all this misery is over I just don’t care. Narcissa plays out as a pretty pivotal character, but I never really felt connected to her. Again, that may be due to the shorter chapters but I read her as a plot device more than anything, even when she had her quieter moments with her family. They should have characterized her, but I was left wanting. I can’t articulate it very well right now, but I believe she was well handled but not strictly as a character if that makes any sense. Draco felt a little along the same lines but because we see more of him by the end, and characterizing him in the pub scenes and his quiet moments with Harry, I felt like he evolved rather than stagnated like Narcissa.

Hermione. This is perhaps my biggest, and only real, problem with this story. Not the way you wrote her in general, but rather the speed with which it felt like she turned from “grieving every second of her day” to “boning George’s brains out” was quite confusing. I understood her motivations and why she gave in to temptations, but her relationship with him felt totally unearned with her all her himming and hawing at Harry over Ron. This, I believe, is also due to the structure of the story and how the POV shifted constantly “ we get to learn a bit about her coping methods, but then we move on and read about someone else so when we come back to Hermione, some of the changes in her perspective feel unearned or contrived. It’s a complex problem where I feel like you burdened the character with a pivotal evolution, but in the end it was brushed aside for the greater plot. It would have, no doubt, dragged the story on for far too many chapters, so I can appreciate it from that angle at least. That is looking at her from a literary perspective, though, since I would have been on Susan’s side in real life so take it with a brick of salt.

Andromeda. As a character we know only a tangential amount about, I love reading interesting takes on her. I disagreed immediately with how she initially handled the whole blood transfusion dilemma, but I also understood it and empathized with her “ a difficult task to do, but one that I think you pulled off. I hated her but I almost pitied her at the same time. Not to mention the Teddy inclusions where she and Harry connected gave a little extra humanization to this bleak universe.

So I guess in summary, I liked this… a whole lot. It’s bleak, yes, but all can’t be well always and forever. In the end I still think the canon ending is satisfying in its own right, but the way you pitched it is simply another perspective. It’s just the inverse of the one we were given, but a respectable one nonetheless. I don’t know if I would say I “enjoyed” reading this so much as I was willed to and, as a whole, it made for a satisfying read. Bravo, and thanks for updating so rapidly - although, looking back on what I wrote, I wonder how I would have thought of this story if it were released in a more lackadaisical schedule? Oh well, that's for alternate-universe-Joe to decide.

Author's Response: Wow, this is massive. Thanks so much! I can’t wait to see everything you’ve said. Since this is such a long review, I’m going to respond to you by paragraph to make my life easier.

So, let’s talk about Harry. Thanks so much. Yes, the beaten Harry has been done to death and I am very, very happy to hear that my version is well received. I think this plot pursued so often because…well…what kind of shape is he really going to be in after the war? Sure, I can write him moving on better, but I think it’s important to explore this possibility too. Thank you so much for your comments on him.

*dies laughing* Lucius’ redemption is unearned, but everyone’s suffered for 65 chapters so I don’t really care. That’s hilarious. Best line so far. I’m glad you liked the way I wrote him. He was harder than most characters. I love him. I think he genuinely loves his family and would do just about anything for them. My problem lies in making others see him the way I do. Glad he turned out believable. As for his redemption, it was pretty much unearned. I agree, but I don’t think he was the only one forgiven without really deserving it in this story. Let’s face it, most of these characters have done some pretty horrible things and it would be very hard to truly make-up for them. At some point, if forgiveness is going to be a thing, it takes a leap of faith from the person giving it. I saw Draco forgiving him because he’s his father and all he ever really wanted was his love in the first place. Harry made the choice to forgive him for Draco. Lucius was trying to make a mence and with everything that was going on, Harry felt it was better to have a fresh start with him then to make everything harder for everyone by holding on to the past. Had Lucius screwed-up again, Harry probably wouldn’t have forgiven him - period. End of long rationalization. Again, thanks so much for your comments on Lucius. He really is a hard character to write well.

I’m intrigued by your comments about Narcissa. These I’ll have to think about. I’m actually kind of surprised. Most of my feedback on her has been positive and she is my favorite character ever. The story was actually born around her. Very interesting. I really appreciate this feedback and will consider it more.

I totally agree that Draco had a slow start. It was hard to work him in the way I wanted from the very beginning. Many of his first scenes were with Lucius and at the time he wasn’t showing his true character around his father. He wasn’t afraid of him, but he very much wanted to please him. As he got involved with Harry and faced the idea of losing his mother, he grew-up a bit and came more into his own, in my opinion, which helped his character grow, even around Lucius.

Random note before I read the whole bit on Hermione. Bonging George’s brains out. Lovely. Great line. You made me laugh.

The Hermione/George thing. Yes. Well, I struggled with every aspect of it. I ended up with a theme to match the title and Hermione obviously needed to be saved and move on with her life as much as any other character. As the only characters I ever ship her with are Draco and Ron that presented a problem in and of itself. George was a random, and in the end regrettable choice for me. I didn’t enjoy it and may have rushed over it. The truth is, I needed Hermione to find love again and it was the plot point that ultimately led to Draco’s little stunt and getting them all at the hospital in the end for the big finale. I am disappointed with how parts of it turned out. And now that you mention it, I can totally see how I should consider the speed of it, as well.

I LOVE your comments on Andromeda. You responded to her exactly how I wanted you to. I got a lot of responses about her and most of them were not what I was going for. People out and out hated her without trying to see her side. Then there were others that agreed with her, saying she should let Narcissa die. I really didn’t want people to take a side here. I wanted to show her struggle and have readers see the turmoil. That being said, everyone has their own set of circumstances and reasons for strongly choosing a side. In the end, I’m just happy if they enjoyed the story, rather they saw it the way I meant or not. After all, I don’t think J. K. Rowling intended for us to be shipping Drarry. People see things differently than the writer expects. That being said, it’s very gratifying when someone sees things exactly the way you meant for them to be seen. So thank you so much for that.

In closing from me, thank you so much. I beyond appreciate all your insights. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Jumper by HalfASlug

Rated: 1st-2nd Years •
Summary: All these years, Hermione has been waiting for this and there is only one person who really understands why.
Reviewer: opti Signed
Date: 10/21/12 Title: Chapter 1: one-shot

I feel like everything has already been said by reviewers and authors much more helpful or prominent than I, but just... wow. I adore this piece for so many reasons, and I will be all too willing to blabber about them.

This friendship is very difficult to write, if only because of the abundance of canon evidence towards it and, yet, you have shown something wonderful here. I laughed at the banter, as usual for just about everything you write, but it was also incredibly heartwarming because of the timeline of the fic and we can see a nice little 'they're moving on' here. There's a strong undercurrent of the year before, but they're becoming people again (as has been noted by just about everyone with the wonderful 'became Hermione again' line) and I just... oh, how I love it.

I want more. Nay, I demand more! Seriously though, stay sorted in school (my first semester has been interesting to say the least) and hopefully you'll come back to us in one piece!

Now I've gone and spoiled myself on all of your stories at ffnet. Sometimes my voracious hunger for fics gets the better of me, I swear...

Author's Response: Thank you for reading and reviewing :) Dude, your opinion is as good as everyone else's so yeah, go nuts. I love writing canon!H/Hr. They are just such great friends/almost-siblings. Although I'm crediting any heartwarming bits to the fact that this happens at Christmas and Christmas makes everything fuzzy and warm. Good luck with your studies! If by 'interesting' you mean making you question the point of everything and cry inside then we're on the same page! I'm still writing (in an attempt to keep myself in one piece) just not nearly as much. Haha, have you no patience? Well I apologise for all the minor errors you saw - I tend to fix them up before putting them up here. Anyway... thank you so much again for reviewing and I know I'm behind on the Hawthorn Root but I will catch up :)

Test Flight by William Brennan

Rated: 3rd-5th Years •
Summary: The year is 2018. Despite budget problems, NASA and ESA have spent billions on the design and construction of a new spacecraft, entirely in secret. Why? It employs a form of propulsion that could make all others completely obsolete, a form of propulsion as secret as the project itself: Apparition. Hermione Weasley and Cho Chang have been chosen for the test flight, and the first artificially enhanced Apparition is about to be attempted.
Reviewer: opti Signed
Date: 12/14/12 Title: Chapter 1: Chapter 1

Oh man, oh man this is exactly right up my alley. There are interesting points to be made on the Muggles finding out about the WW and how horribly that could happen, and I do think they would need to see something major and positive for the Muggle community to accept them.

I especially love how this breaks magic down into a physical thing, and that it is subject - like everything else - to our universal laws. It makes me begin to question broomsticks and how they deal with free-fall or resist rotation... and I love that stories like this say something other than, "with magic, silly!"

I do have one question, however: would Muggles view wizards very highly if space travel was where they popped in? From an American standpoint, our general public looks down upon "wastes of time" like going to the moon, especially in the modern economic climate. I can only assume this is around then, as Hermione is a "Weasley" and the two of them would need to be very high-up to be a part of something like this. From my experience, the general public would view the wizarding community as another branch of the government wasting their money, and hate them more so I actually agree with Kingsley that this might not be the best way to show the world about wizards. Just food for thought, since I do love this story.

Author's Response: This new space plan wasn't going to be the only thing of its type. Also, this would (if it worked) reduce the cost of space travel to distant planets to such a low level that colonization, mining asteroids, et cetera would immediately become commercially viable. As you can see, though, there are still some problems with the spacecraft. And yes to your assumption, as the date is in the late 2010s, and the Deathly Hallows ends in the late 1990s. Also, the political climate regarding space could have changed again by then, since we may have another Sputnik moment with the Chinese, or Congress might finally get its act together regarding the budget. I hope so, but I doubt it will happen.

The Calming by Nagini Riddle

Rated: 1st-2nd Years •
Summary: A calming draught overtakes the senses... This is a little present for opti, who challenged me to write about the effects brought on by this potion.
Reviewer: opti Signed
Date: 01/28/13 Title: Chapter 1: The Calming

Argh now I feel so bad for my fanfiction "sabbatical" or whatever I'm supposed to call this, because it took me a literal age to remember where this was from! Either way, I still like this and there is a real lackadaisical rhythm that I (at least) read. I guess I could describe it as slow, but definitely not negatively. Lovely and perfect for me right now, at least when devoting to a 200 000 word story would just not work.

Author's Response: Thank you, opti! :) I was hoping you would remember this poem... And my goodness, where have you been in Poetry Anyone? I have so many new poems for you to critique! Just drop on by... Anyways, thanks for your review. It made me smile.