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Lady by armagod679

Summary: There are certain indispensable rules in the house of Black. You must stick with purebloods. You must disdain Muggles. You must keep up decorum at all times. You must show off your magic. You must appear to be a lady so a good pureblood boy will want to marry you.
Ratings: 1st-2nd Years [ - ]
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Wordcount: 1552 Viewcount: 1388
Published on: 09/26/10 Updated On: 09/27/10

Story Notes: I have been informed that there are a few problems with my addition of the ages of the Blacks and that Narcissa wasn't a Death Eater. I'm sorry if this bothers you.

1. Chapter 1 by armagod679 [ - ] (1552 words)