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Wind's Nocturne by Acacia Carter

Summary: There is magic the likes of which humans can barely remember and seldom experience. There is, however, a handful of men privileged enough to experience a part of it: the Dryad's Consorts.

Written for the last third of Madame Alex's Character Triathalon!


Many thanks to Maple for the beta; I couldn't see myself sending this one to anyone else.

Anything you recognise is JKR's. Anything you don't recognise is possibly mine, but probably JKR's.


Wood-nymphs, more commonly known as Dryads, are first and last mentioned in the Potterverse by Fleur in Goblet of Fire. In Greek mythology, these cunning magical creatures are entirely female, and must capture and seduce human men in order to bear daughters and heirs to their forests. In other works of literature they are described as bold and highly territorial, with voracious, er, "appetite" for particular intimate activities. So, basically a shy Herbologist's every fantasy...

Ratings: 3rd-5th Years [ - ] Past Featured Story
Category: Other Pairing
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Warnings: Character Death, Sexual Situations
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Published on: 08/19/12 Updated On: 08/19/12

1. Wind's Nocturne - One-Shot by Acacia Carter [ - ] (7649 words)