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Glass over the Flame by the opaleye

Summary: Harry, Hermione, and the moments in between.

He doesn’t say that this is his last winter. He doesn’t say that this could be her last winter. Instead he feels his heart swell with the bruising grip of her hand and the sound of Ron’s snoring in the tent.
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Published on: 06/22/13 Updated On: 06/22/13

Story Notes: Thank you to my sexy beta, Natalie/hestiajones, and her titillating words of encouragement.

This is the result of several drabbles, written for TTB, Brawl, and random SBBC prompts. Thank you, Croll, for the TTB and the Brawl. You're not awesome and Tedric will follow. Thanks again, Natalie, for being my SBBC partner in crime.

The title and chapter title are from Hopeless Wanderer by Mumford & Sons.

1. I will call you by name, I will share your road. by the opaleye [ - ] (3054 words)