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Ginny Weasley and the Very Secret Diary by RJ Hunt

Throughout the original Harry Potter Series, Ginny Weasley is on the fringe of the trio. She only learns about everything they have truly had to endure during the final three books, yet is still not entirely part of their inner world until the very end.

See her origin story beginning with her first year at Hogwarts. Find out what happened on the train after one of her brothers and Harry Potter missed it. What did Mr. Olivander tell her about her wand? What did the Sorting Hat whisper into her ear? Who did she befriend in her year? Most importantly, what exactly did Tom Riddle write to her that allowed her to become possessed and to release the basilisk?

This is created to be read in tandem with Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. Before Harry Potter ever comes for his first summer stay at the Burrow, Ginny already leads a full life. His dropping in one bright morning is not proof of a besotted girl, but rather the beginning of Ginny's ability to see the world from different perspectives.
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Published on: 10/18/15 Updated On: 01/08/16

Story Notes: My hope is that any reader can read one of my chapters and then pick up Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets and read the corresponding chapter and feel as though they are getting the same story from two very different points of view.

This chapter does not have any quotes from the original series, however in future chapters I signify quotes by making them bold face with a superscript that has a reference at the bottom of the chapter. This is simply how I do it on my blog.

1. Chapter One: Broomsticks and Fireplaces by RJ Hunt [ - ] (8470 words)

2. Chapter Two: Ringlets and Freedom by RJ Hunt [ - ] (7565 words)

3. Chapter Three: The Burrow by RJ Hunt [ - ] (2527 words)
This one is super short!! Ginny's time in chapter three doesn't last very long in the original series.

4. Chapter Four: Diagon Alley by RJ Hunt [ - ] (8412 words)

5. Chapter Four and Three-Quarters: Olivanders by RJ Hunt [ - ] (1873 words)
So, technically MY chapter four is too long. So instead of mushing it into chapter five, I decided to split it up. Technically the end of chapter four in the original series ends when Harry travels back to the Burrow. However, I chose to put this scene after that one because basically that's how the money shakes out and it is still during that same day. I hope you like this "Bonus" chapter as I have begun to call it!!!!
6. Chapter Five: Part One Final Days of Summer by RJ Hunt [ - ] (6390 words)

7. Chapter Five: Part Two September First by RJ Hunt [ - ] (8284 words)