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Where does the time go? It seems like only yesterday I was avidly on Mugglenet and writing so many HP fanfics that my fingers coulnd't keep up with my brain. *sigh* The times have changed, and thus, I find I'm not writing many - if any - HP fanfics any more. Aside from the long overdue Helga/Salazar story I've sadly neglected, I find mostly that I'm writing Supernatural fanfics, and am more active in that fandom than this one. Such is the way of life, I suppose. I do check in here from time to time, so if you've left me a review and I haven't replied, please don't take it as a sign that I'm ignoring you. It's just that I don't come here as much anymore. But I do appreciate and love the fact that you take the time to review my work. It makes this fangirl very happy! xD And I will make a better effort to leave a reply.

You can keep up with me at my LJ page, which I keep more up-to-date, with different fandom ramblings, fics, and artwork. If you are interested, here is the link: http://princess-schez.livejournal.com/


Here are just a small fraction of actual reviews left for my fics:
A Death Eater Handbook
"Oh my gosh! I can't believe this! I just reread the last chapter of "Sweet Sacrifice" and I would have never thought that an author who writes dark stories could write something so funny!!! *envies your multi-talentedness* I can't decide which is my favourite rule... they're all so funny! I love rule #5, #7, #10, #11, #13, #16, #23, #26, #28, #30, #31 and #32 (I tried narrowing it down to my absolute favourites, I swear.) I'm getting more weirded out by the second though... I just don't get how you can go from the Professor rated SS version of Voldemort+Bellatrix and than do this . Well, however you're doing it, it's working very very well;). Unfortunately, the hillarity of this fic resulted me from being kicked out of the school library for laughing to much... No biggie though, I'm still going to your author's page to dig for more awesome fics!" ~ Lily Roxy
"Very amusing - I only wish Voldy was like this in the books! I particularly liked rule 23: "Rock, paper, scissors is not the best way to go about deciding something. Trust me. I speak from experience. Anyone remember the Godric's Hallow incident? Yes, I thought so.", and all the jabs at Bellatrix. You use his formidable and anti-social nature to superb comic effect ;o)" ~ LuckyRatTail
Adventures Through the Firewhisky Glass
"lol! I love it! it's hilarious and stuff like that. I am glad that there are some people out there with the super power of making people laugh. You are a comical genius! I look forward to reading some more of your work! ^_^" ~ MooseButter_queen
"dude it's wierd but i love it!!! i just woke everyone up laughing (it's 4:08 AM here) just had the visual of Voldemort and Dumbledore singing another Michelle Branch song keep writting you are so F'ing Hilarious i love your story" ~ alexjulygg144
Excerpts from Nagini's Diary
"I love this so much! I can't believe it's the end of it all, but in some twisted way, it somehow makes sense. I proclaim that this story is... HOHOLARIOUS. You can make a great big brass plaque and hang it on your door and write, "MY FANFICTION IS HOHOLARIOUS." That's not something that most people can boast!" ~ Schmerg_The_Impaler
"Very nice. I so needed a laugh tonight, and what do I find? You’ve added two chapters to this story that I didn’t even know about. The story is so funny from the first line—I love Nagini’s “voice”—but here’s an especial pleaser: “Also, I can't expect to travel without Mr. Snuggley-boo, my teddy. Did I just admit that?! Oh well, it's not like somebody is going to steal this diary and post it for a bunch of people to read....” The idea of Voldy’s snake with a teddy just cracks me up, and the second half of the passage…lol! It reminds me of those movies (like Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back) in which one of the actors looks at the camera and shares a moment of pure irony with the audience; I can almost see Nagini doing the same. Speaking of movies, whatever made you think up Nagini, the film director?! Wherever the idea came from, I’ve got to say, we’ll all be lining up to see Voldy on the Toilet for sure! (Though I do have to say, I’m completely with Nagini concerning the idea of Peter in a Speedo. :-P )" ~ Lunafish
Furvus Cruor
"I'm not quite sure if I can picture Voldemort writing a letter to his mother, especially with all of his bitter feelings towards his family, but you wrote it well all the same. I like how you ended the chapter. It ends his childhood life and opens another door into the pathway of the evil life he chooses..... Overall however, it is a wonderful story. I wish you the best of luck for other chapters. " ~ greeneyes

"it seems soo like Tom to write a letter like that... powerful but harsh." ~ Ice_Princess
Ginny Weasley's Diary
"This is the most inspiring fic that I’ve read in a while. I read this yesterday but as I didn’t leave a review then, I thought about it all day and decided, finally, to leave one today. This is a wonderful story that you have written. The first line is so powerful and it sets off a tone to the story. It is a great starting line and it easily captures the readers’ attention. Brava! The frequent images you use of the thunder and lightning illuminating her room sets a also sets a nice feel to the story. I say ‘nice’ because it perfectly describes the emotion felt even though this is an angsty story.
A sudden loud boom of thunder snapped her from these thoughts.
I absolutely love this line, as it also snapped me from thinking of her second year. You’ve made her emotions and thoughts so clear that it’s as if we also go back and think about them. That line immediately snaps a reader back into reality – reminding them that they are just reading a story. Not many fics do that.
Dense white fog hung low to the ground, strangely reminding her of Dumbledore's long white hair.
Great imagery! Your style of writing makes the scenes so real we can see it. :)" ~ sayiansirius
(Sayiansirius also made me three banners for my fic. Aren't they just gorgeous!?)
1. http://i12.photobucket.com/albums/a244/sayiansirius/Banners%20by%20me/GinnyWeasleysDiary.jpg
2. http://i12.photobucket.com/albums/a244/sayiansirius/Banners%20by%20me/GinnyWeasleysDiary2.jpg
3. http://i12.photobucket.com/albums/a244/sayiansirius/Banners%20by%20me/GinnyWeasleysDiary3.jpg
"You did a great job capturing the mood of your story. The way Ginny was portrayed was very believable in this. Great work!" ~ HorcruxHunter14
Harry Potter and Viva Las Vegas!
"I loved it!! It was great!! The last line is priceless. Very funny :)" ~ KASK
"I loved it! The last sentence made me laugh! Good job!" ~ purplepanther
Hogwarts, A Beginning History - By Helga H.
"I enjoyed it! I think you truly captured the sweet nature of Helga Hufflepuff! (and, if I may say, the shrewd and sometimes devious nature of Salazar Slytherin). I liked the light air of the narrative..." ~ Hero London
"Well done! A great monologue. I found it very interesting and highly entertaining. You seem to be a very good writer. I wonder what the story would be like from Salazar's point of view? Probably not so upbeat and cheerful I would imagine." ~ Silverboy
In the Shadow of the Serpent
"Schez, you are awesome! So is the chapter! You kept everything at a good pace, some stories just move too slowly." ~ Dara
"wow. it really does just keep getting better and better! this is without a doubt my favorite fan fiction on mugglenet. just keep updating because i love it!"
"wow, wow, and wow. this is truly an amazing story. i love the way you incorporated hagrid in, and i love everything about this story. why are you writing fanfiction??? become a novelist!! :)"~ gryffindorgirl531
"ohmigod! This is such a good story!!"
"I've had a fabulous time reading this fic and I hope you have a lot of fun with futre fic writing!" ~ Ellie4Harry
Long Since Forgotten
"This was really good; I actually kind of feel sympathy for him. You made him seem human, which is something he's not really in the books. This way we can kind of see how he falls. I think you did an excellent job." ~ Chaser921
Sirius Black... Babysitter Extraordinaire?!
"ahahahaha!! this story is soooooooo cute! and funny! (harry sure drools a lot, doesn't he?) anyway, i loved it! sirius was really hilarious...the issue with the other story that was very (very) similar to this was...weird.(now how could that have happened?) anyway, good job!! i loved this, and i give this a two thumbs up!" ~ BertieBotts
"WOW! I'm a sucker for Sirius stories, so I read this one about 15 millon times! Keep writing!" ~ Ginny806
"this is one of the most awesome stories ive ever read! great job! even though it ended, ill just read it over...and over... and over...ive saved it to my favorites. humor is my favorite kind of fanfaiction and you are an aweosme author!!! 10/10 :P" ~ lunagirl824
Sweet Sacrifice
"I like the way you change the points of veiw. It's sooo much more intresting than the usual 3rd person. I can't wait for the next chapter!!! Update soon!!! :)" ~ Irish writter
"Yay! I love anything that's inspired by Evanescence. S.S. is one of my favourite songs, this promises to be angsty and intense...
Uggh, Voldemort is absolutely disgusting... good chapter though. " ~ Lily Roxy
Tom Riddle's 12 Days of Christmas!
"Hilarious! *Laughs harder than ever*! A definite 10 for the humor!" ~ Dara
"That was actually hilareous! Really original idea! I really liked it!" ~ Oppungo
Out of the Shadows
"Great chapter! I don't know whether I've ever reviewed this fic or "In the Shadow of the Serpent" before, but I've been following them for a time now. Keep writing!" ~ the_wind
"Wow! That was probably the best chapter I've ever read. Not that all the other chapters weren't BRILLIANT but this is AMAZINGLY FANTASTICALLY BRILLIANT! *takes breath* I liked the reaction Miriam had about Tom's apperance! Keep up the AMAZINGLY FANTASTICALLY BRILLIANT good work!!" ~ Ellie4Harry
Voldemort's Night Before Christmas
"HAHAHA who needs christmas music or poems when we have you. you are the best comedy writer i've seen on this site. i agree with the person who said you were HOHO hilarious" ~ 00cedricis2hot2die
"*Laughs* You've been a very good author...!" ~ WarElf

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The first chapter was written for MNFF's Extra Credit challenge "Letters to Heaven" from Scheherazade of Hufflepuff. I decided to write the following chapters as a way to continue this story until he reaches his first year.

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**This story was written in collaboration between me and the wonderful author, Crimsonphoenix1.**

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For MNFF's monthly challenge [challenge Number Four ~ A one-shot using one of the following sentences: "...And the rain fell ceaslessly on."] from Scheherazade of Hufflepuff