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Dear reader,

It has come to my attention that my estimable colleague, Garrick Ollivander, has published his notes on many woods and the three cores that he has deemed superior.

In his search for the supperior cores which balanced strength and reliability he experimented with a plethora of core materials that he ultimately deemed unsatisfactory. He shared his results with me in private correspondence and I am now happy to relate them to you.
I have noticed that he has left several woods out of his published notes and I will do my best to relay his comments on them as well.

On occasion I may make notes where I differ from Olivander in philosophy which will be explored in footnotes.


The Other Wandmaker

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Wand Woods and Cores by The Other Wandmaker

Rated: 1st-2nd Years •
Summary: This is a summary of the magical cores Garrick Ollivander rejected and why.

It also recounts the properties of wand woods not related on Pottermore.

I take requests if you want to know about a core or wood that has not been covered in conon.