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Multiple Categories

by Magical Maeve @ 01/19/07 12:31  
It is stated quite clearly on the submissions page that we do not allow stories in multiple categories. You are allowed to choose one category for your story and that is where it needs to stay. We usually pick up multiple category stories at the submission stage and reject them.

However, it has become apparent that some of you are editing your stories into multiple categories after validation. This is NOT allowed. Please be aware that editing your story into multiple categories could put it at risk of deletion from the archive. If you have a story straddling categories, please edit it back into one. Thank you.

Winter's Tales Result and New Challenge

by Magical Maeve @ 01/04/07 8:25  
The entries into the Winter's Tales challenge were fantastic and varied. It made life incredibly tough judging them, but we do have an overall winner: Oh Little Town of Godric's Hollow by wicked angel. The following were also individual challenge winners:

Christmas by Numbers - FeatherTrader; Conversation With An Angel - Kask; Lord Voldermort... and Bob? - Schmerg_the_Impaler; Christmas Eve With the Snapes - Hermione_Rocks; A Gift of Faith by Gmariam.

All the entries were wonderful and you should all be very proud of yourselves.

We now have a new challenge up that will run for the next two months. The New Year Challenge has a variety of prompts, from creating Deathly Hallows to having characters meet gods and godesses. You can find them in the Great Hall over at the Beta Forums. To see them you need to create an account, if you don't already have one, and then PM Songbook99 to be Sorted. So what are you waiting for - go check them out!

Edit: *giggles* You have no idea how many times I wrote or typed all the winners names out yesterday. I put wicked over on the Beta Boards, I put wicked in my notes... the one place I got it wrong was in the most visible. *slaps self*

New Mods and the Queue

by deanine @ 01/02/07 0:36  

The queue is now open. If you have any trouble submitting please delete your internet cookies and temporary internet files. If the problem persists, please send me (deanine) an email and I will try to help you with your error. I can be contacted through my profile which is linked on the staff page.

In other news, we have completed the selection process and hired our new mods. We went into the search looking for five moderators, and you all sent in such an amazing array of applications that you made our choice very difficult. Thanks to all the applicants, and if you missed the window this time, MNFF hires regularly, so you will get another shot.

The five new mods we are welcoming are:

Roxy Black

Congratulations new mods and happy new year everyone!

Happy Holidays!

by deanine @ 12/22/06 23:10  
The queue is now closed and will not be reopening until January 2nd. Enjoy your vacations, everyone, and we'll see you in 2007!

Note: There are ways to slip into the queue even with the closing, particularly if you have a story in progress. However, please know that any submissions dated 12-23-06 through 01-01-07 will be deleted without moderation. Please hold on to your submissions and have fun swamping us in January.

Happy holidays!

Edit: The winter challenges category (Winter Tales) will remain open so that participants can continue to submit their entries. (If you're a participant and the queue won't let you submit, try deleting your cookies and temporary internet files, and then refresh the page.) Thank you!

Open Applications Closed

by deanine @ 12/17/06 9:58  
It's time for your friendly moderators to shut ourselves in to caucus and read the amazing variety of applications you have all sent us. There will be a news post as soon as our new moderators have been selected.

Thanks everyone for your interest and the part you do to make MNFF an awesome place to share fiction.

The Cost Of Fame

by Vindictus Viridian @ 12/13/06 21:49  
There are good ways to become known.

There are bad ways to become known.

Writing good stories and leaving good reviews are both good ways to become known.

Leaving several thousand reviews in the vein of "thank you i take pride in my mad posting abilities- lets see if i can do it again ready submit submit submit!" is not a good way to become known. It will get your account deleted, it will get the reviews deleted, and it will not make you or the story any more well-liked. Deleting these wastes good modding time that could be spent in the queue.

Do not do this. Authors who do not report such spamming promptly will have the spammed story deleted as well.

Two Week Warning

by deanine @ 12/10/06 7:22  
The holiday season is upon us, and in MNFF tradition, the site will be taking a Christmas vacation. Submissions will be closed from December 23 until January 2. Happy writing everyone!

Winter's Tales

by Magical Maeve @ 12/07/06 7:40  
Mugglenet Fanfiction's annual winter challenge is upon us once again. This proved to be the most popular challenge ever last year and I hope we can match it this year. There is still time to enter the challenge if you drop by the Great Hall over on the Beta Help Forums (link in the navigation bar at the side of the page). We now have a good group of the stories validated so if you want to dive into some wintry, Christmassy reading you'll find it under the Winter's Tales subcategory of the challenges. I hope you enjoy what our fantastic authors have for you this year and please do leave them a review, no matter how small, if you enjoyed their festive treats.

Happy Thanksgiving!

by deanine @ 11/22/06 20:12  
The Queue is closed until Monday guys. MNFF is taking a Thanksgiving break. Please use this extra time to perfect your stories, and we will see you back in the queue in a couple of days.

EDIT: The queue has reopened. If you are having trouble making the submission page work properly, please take a moment to delete your cookies, your internet files, and clear your history. This should be done while you are logged off the site. If anyone continues to have issues, please contact a moderator for assistance.

Edit Part 2: If you are still having issues, repeat the cookie deletions and file deletions. The error should be under control and the process should now work for you. Thanks for your patience guys!

Birthday Celebrations

by Elysa @ 11/20/06 22:36  
As promised, the staff of MuggleNet Fan Fiction have been working to give a little something back to all the authors and reviewers who have made this site what it is today. First up: a plethora of avatars and banners, made especially for this wondrous occasion. See them here at our Beta Forums!

Secondly, many of the moderators are participating in a month-long project in which we write a collection of themed one-shots. Each chapter is a different one-shot by a different mod, and the "story" will be updated about once every 5-7 days. See it here!

We hope you enjoy these tidbits of fun. Thanks again for two fantastic years, everyone! Here's to another two! *Raises Butterbeer*

Happy Birthday MNFF!

by Elysa @ 11/14/06 14:01  
Today, the 14th of November, officially marks MuggleNet Fan Fiction's second birthday! It is difficult for us to believe that we’ve been modding fan fictions for two full years-- you guys have truly made time fly. On behalf of all of MuggleNet’s staff, I want to extend a huge thank-you to everyone reading this. Whether you're an author, a Beta reader, or a reviewer, your contribution to MNFF has made this site one of the best Harry Potter fan fiction archives on the net. We have some of the finest work ever written by Harry Potter fans, and this is all in credit to each of you. Thank you for sticking by us through thick and thin, and for making our jobs here a memorable, rewarding experience.

To show our gratitude, we are currently putting together some celebratory features, so keep an eye out over the next week or so. Thanks again, everyone, and happy birthday MNFF!