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by Twitternet Fanfiction Staff @ 03/31/09 16:36  
Twitternet Fanfiction

Now you can enjoy two of your favourite fandoms on one site. Twilight and Harry Potter. We'll be keeping all of our normal Harry Potter categories, and adding some brand new Twilight and Crossover categories for your enjoyment.

This is a continuing process, so please bear with us as we iron out the kinks and work to blend these fandoms together. We will be changing to a new domain name within the next week.

We've been planning this for a little while now, but we had the final push from the bosses the other day and now we're ready to bring this to life!

Twilight is here, and it's here to stay!

Welcome to all our new authors from TwilightSource, Mugglenet's sister-site who are yet to create their own Fanfiction database. Now they won't need to.

From today, you will be able to submit pure twilight fanfiction to the appropriate categories, and crossover fictions into the Twitternet category. Previously, we have not allowed any crossovers on this site. We will ONLY allow twitternet fictions, no other fandoms should appear.

Also, over on our beta boards, you will find plenty of new Twilight additions, from character help to fun games and quizzes.

We understand that some people may not be totally happy with this change, some of our moderators aren't fans of the books either, but we ask you to simply ignore the Twilight section of the site as much as possible.

Thank you very much and enjoy your new site!

Maintenance Downtime

by Roxy Black @ 03/31/09 14:08  
Hey guys,

Just a little heads up that the site will be going into maintenance mode for an hour or so tonight. Now that we're fully working since the upgrade, we want to keep it that way and so we need to do little maintenance bursts to make sure everything's tidy and working. We'll only be down for a short time so keep checking back!

~ Roxy

AudioFictions at Podcast Alley

by Roxy Black @ 03/11/09 12:47  
Hey guys, me again. :D

Just checking in to let you all know that Audiofictions is now on PodcastAlley! You can vote to name Audiofictions the best podcast this month! Please follow the link below and vote to make audiofictions the great podcast it deserves to be!


Thank you all for your support!

Also, the staff page is now up to date. :) Sorry that it's taken a long time to correct after our new additions and departures, but it's official that everyone on that page currently works for us :D Why not check it out?

Just a quick update:

by Roxy Black @ 02/07/09 17:13  
I just wanted to put a little post here to let everyone know that Audiofictions is now a daily podcast! We're getting close to ironing out all the kinks and all we need now is you guys! Visit our website through the banner on the 'Dragon' skin to find out where to download. Also, don't forget that you can nominate your favourite fictions to be read aloud over on the forums. Simply locate "The Black Lake" and fill out the form!

There's lots of exciting stuff going on in our boards, plenty of competitions and classes for you to take part in! Check it out if you have the chance!

New Year - New News

by MNFF Staff @ 01/18/09 20:03  
Hello everyone!

Happy New Year. I hope you’ve all had a good break and aren’t suffering too much under the strain of work or school.

There’s been a lot going on behind the scenes at MNFF this winter, and now it’s time to reveal all!

Firstly, Audiofictions is now fully up and running. The seasonal episode was released earlier this month and our team of MerMuggles are now busily working away to get your chosen fictions recorded and released for your audio pleasure. If you have a fiction you’d like to nominate, please visit the Black Lake over on the Beta Forums.

As you know, we were hiring moderators back in October and they’ve all now been welcomed fully to the team, so please congratulate:

babekitty_92 - Abbi
bittersweet_lullaby - TF
LucillaJoanna - Joanna
luinrina - Bine
R_Ravenclaw - Alison
solemnlyswear_x - Melissa
coolh5000 - Hannah
mudbloodproud - Terri
TheBlackSister - Alice
thechocolatefrog – Hannah

This is the largest hiring we’ve done in a long time, though it was done in two sections. Congratulations ladies, you’ll do us proud!

Alongside that, we’re very sadly saying goodbye to two of our admin team. Songbook99 and MarauderbyMidnight are both leaving us in the next few weeks, and will be sorely missed. Taking their place will be Roxy Black and Phoenix5225.

2009 will be an important one for MNFF. We’ve got a lot of plans to help retain our title as the best Harry Potter Fanfiction site on the web.

Now that we’re back with a full team of moderators, queue times should be much faster meaning you may now write to your hearts content without having to worry too much about waiting.
Watch this space! 2009 is not the year of the Earth Ox in our calendar! It’s the year of the Fiction Dragon!

Stay safe!

Hiring: Moderators To Patrol the Queue!

by Marauder by Midnight @ 11/06/08 12:50  
As the queue grows larger, the number of staff members must grow as well! We're looking for new additions to our mod family! For the next two weeks, we will receive any and all applications to fill several open moderator positions.

Before applying, please be aware that being a moderator at Mugglenet Fan Fiction requires a lot of time and a lot of dedication. Please do not apply if you do not feel that you are able to handle the job.

As a moderator, you would be required to fulfill the following duties:
- Moderate a certain number of stories every week.
- Participate in important decision-making discussions regarding the site.
- Participate in periodic moderator meetings via AOL Instant Messenger.
- Answer any questions Mugglenet Fan Fiction members may have.
- Optional: Tend to the Beta Forums.

There are several characteristics we look for in our moderators, such as:
- Leadership
- Motivation to help others
- Courtesy toward others
- Respect

We also only hire moderators who display strong reading and writing skills. All applicants must have an AOL Instant Messenger screenname as well as a Livejournal as these are the two tools moderators use to communicate to one other. Applicants should also have or should be willing to create an account at the Beta Forums. All applicants must be at least 13 years of age.

Please fill out the following form when applying:

How long have you been part of MNFF?
Stories on MNFF:
Qualifications (Beta work, PI accreditation, real life qualifications):
Possible Problems (Anything you see that may hinder your ability to mod. Please be honest):
Why you want to mod:
Names of people who will be recommending you:

You will also be required to include three recommendations. At least one of these recommendations must be from another member of Mugglenet Fan Fiction. Remember that the best recommendations are ones that are objective and highlight both strengths and weaknesses. Many members are willing to give constructive recommendations, including some moderators. Please though, respect the availability of mods and members when asking for recommendations.

Site coders should submit the following form:
How long have you been part of MNFF?
What coding languages do you know?
Qualifications (Names of other sites you coded for, classes taken, etc):
Possible Problems (Please be honest):
Names of people who will be recommending you:

Site coder applicants are also required to send two recommendations and are recommended to send any/all samples of their work.

Applications and recommendations should be sent to bethany@fanfiction.mugglenet.com NOT the staff email. ALL recommendations should be sent directly to this email, not through the applicant. Please be sure that the recommendations are clearly marked, with the subject line reading 'Mod Recommendation for (username).'

Once your complete application has been received (including the necessary recommendations), you will receive a confirmation email.

Applications will be open until November 20.

Good luck!

AudioFictions - Auditions Now Closed

by Roxy Black @ 10/22/08 13:16  
Thank you all very much for your auditions for our Audiofictions project, we're having great fun listening to all of your amazing voices and we will make our decisions soon.
We aim to let everyone know whether they've got a position or not so keep an eye on your email inboxes (or junk mail boxes)for a letter from us!

We'll also make an announcement here and on the forums once we've found our MerMuggles, so for now - Watch this space!

If you have any questions, feel free to PM me over on the forums, or email "mermuggles@fanfiction.mugglenet.com"

However, one thing I would like to point out is that this is a volunteer position. Moderators do not get paid for their work on the site, and unfortunately we will not be able to pay anyone we hire for this work either. I apologise for any confusion this may have caused.

Good luck with your auditions!


by Roxy Black @ 10/08/08 17:41  
You've guessed it! Our brand-new feature, AudioFictions has now been launched.

You can now visit our podcast page by clicking on the banner above this post. There you will find all of the information about our new podcast, and you'll be able to listen to the first episode! I hope you won't mind my voice for this time, but I'm reading some of my favourite poems from the site - all of whom have won or been awarded runner-up status in the Quick Silver Quills.

But we want to know what you want to listen to, and that is where the Black Lake comes in! In that forum, you'll be able to discuss the episodes and suggest new fictions and poetry for the "MerMuggles" to read.

MerMuggles are our recording team, who we will be hiring in the next couple of weeks. Check out the banner above for more details.
(MerMuggles is also the password to the Black Lake if you haven't had a chance to work it out!)

I hope you all enjoyed our riddle. We certainly had fun planning all of this for you and I hope it'll be a success.

The queue is not quite open yet - that'll happen later tonight and we'll make another news post when it does.

Please also see that the ads have been moved around slightly so that they fit into our skins. If you've got a problem with a layout, please contact me over on the Beta Boards and I'll try and sort it out.

For this week, only the Dragon skin will be available in celebration of our new project! The others will return in due course.

So, for new feature #1, what do we think?

Edit: AudioFictions can now be downloaded from itunes! Visit here: Linkie to subscribe!

Edit 2: The queue should now be open. Sorry for the delay, little technical glitch. Hopefully everything should be working, but if not - let me know!

Edit 3: Please remember to include your screenname on your auditions. :D I've had one or two that say a name, but I have no way of knowing who you are on our site!

Site Maintenance

by Roxy Black @ 10/07/08 17:48  
In preparation for our relaunch tomorrow afternoon, all of the skins bar one have been closed for use. Don't panic if the screen doesn't look like it normally does! It's just me playing around with the system.


I suggest you visit the Beta Boards where some interesting new features have been popping up...

What exactly is the Black Lake??

Quicksilver Quills 2008 Nominations Reopened

by Marauder by Midnight @ 09/30/08 8:27  
Because the announcement date for the Quicksilver Quill Awards 2008 winners was pushed back to December, the nominations have been reopened for a week. Please get all of your nominations in by October 8, 2008.

To nominate a story, please post in the appropriate thread in this forum. Be sure to read the rules before nominating. Note that only registered forum members are allowed to nominate.

Regarding Our Situation

by Roxy Black @ 09/21/08 17:11  
Hello everyone,

There have been a number of questions and concerns floating about the site, and so we'll now attempt to answer them adequately.

MNFF is growing quite rapidly, in part due to the fact that the series is now over and so fan fiction has become a respite for many mourning fans. This means that, should we wish to continue providing a fast and capable site, more memory and server space is required. Therefore, more funds are required. The Ads you currently see around the border of the site are the solution that the senior staff on the main MuggleNet site has implemented. However, we are hoping to introduce our own, less distracting and more aesthetically-pleasing solution(s), and are taking the time we have now with the queue closing to work towards that aim. In the meantime, the Ads will remain. Once we implement another solution, it is our hope that they can be removed.

We would also like to assure you that we hope to give any surplus income from either the ads or our own fundraisers to a charity, allowing your work and your presence here on the site to help others less fortunate.

It is because of this, in conjunction with September being a notoriously busy month for us, that the queue was closed in the first place. We understand that this particular closing did not go as smoothly as past ones, leaving some authors without certain story functions. We deeply and genuinely apologize for this. We would never knowingly or purposefully restrict you from handling your own work. It was an extremely regrettable accident, and one for which we can only pray forgiveness.

In any case, we think our revenue ideas are very exciting ones and we hope that, when you see them, you'll agree. We have not forgotten who we work for, or why this site exists at all. You are all irreplaceable members of this community, and without your saintly patience and understanding, none of these site upgrades would be possible.

Thank you all,
MNFF Staff

Queue Closure

by Roxy Black @ 09/15/08 17:42  
Dear Authors,

September is a very tricky time of year for us mods. We start new schools, find problems with moving house, or even get hit by hurricanes! As such, we’re all very busy people and we’re finding it a little hard to handle the queue. We’ve suffered some losses within our team and we’re hoping to announce the arrival of some new mods very soon. However, we’d like to announce a three-week closure of the queue, just so that we can sort ourselves out. When we reopen, we’ll also hopefully be launching some brand-new ideas that we’ve been working on, including a new layout to help make the ads blend into the page slightly more. The forums will stay open throughout the time and our autumn term classes will still take place. The queue will therefore be closing on Wednesday at midnight EST and will remain closed to new fictions for three weeks. Those fictions that are currently in the queue will be modded during that time.

However, I am sorry to announce that we’ll also be postponing our QSQs. We usually announce the winners at Halloween but due to time constraints we have resolved that it would be more suitable to come to a decision closer to Christmas. We thank you for all of your nominations and they will be taken forward for that time.

Thank you for your kind understanding and we will enjoy seeing your writing again very soon.

The queue is now closed. We will reopen submissions October 8.

Announcing the Opening of the 2008 Quicksilver Quill Awards

by Marauder by Midnight @ 08/20/08 15:44  
It's time for the third annual Quicksilver Quill Awards!

For those of you who were not with us the past two years, the Quicksilver Quills is our way of honouring outstanding stories, authors, reviewers, betas, and artists.

There will be eighteen categories this year (we've added a new category for our bannermakers) in which you can win an award in. Rules and further information are posted here

The categories are as follows:

Best General Story

Best Dark/Angsty Story

Best Humor Story

Best Romance - Canon Story

Best Romance - Non-canon Story

Best Romance - Canon Character/Original Character Story

Best Alternate Universe Story

Best Poetry

Best Marauders' Era Story

Best Post-Hogwarts Story

Best Same-Sex Pairing Story

Best History/Mystery Story

Best Beta Reader

Best Artist

Best Male Other Character

Best Female Other Character

Best Reviewer

Best Bannermaker

Nominations have opened today and will remain open until September 3. Winners will be announced on October 31, 2008.

We encourage everyone to nominate so we can make the 2008 Quicksilver Quill Awards a huge success!

To nominate, please see this forum.

New Option in User Accounts

by myownmuggle @ 08/19/08 15:35  
Many of you have noticed and commented on the Manage Images option that has appeared in your Account Information area. Our coders are hard at work on this function and have not worked out all the kinks just yet.

At the present time, you cannot actually load images. We don't have an estimated time of when this will be fixed, so please be patient and bear with us as our coders continue to work on it.

Please also keep in mind that in the past, this function allowed users to post images or banners only on their author profiles, not in individual stories.

An annoucement will be made when the function is up and running, so keep watching here and on the MNFF forums for more information.

A Little Queue Reminder

by Roxy Black @ 08/07/08 11:38  
Hello there, everyone.
This is just a gentle reminder that our submission rules haven't changed. Please submit your fictions to only one category. When choosing a sub-category, such as a pairing or one of the many under the "general" heading, please make sure that only the sub-category is in the second box. Any fiction that has been submitted to something like "Romance, James/Lily" will be deleted on sight and may not have a rejection letter attached to it.
We have stated this many times in the past but there has been a gentle increase in these submissions lately so we figured it was time to bring it to your attention once more.
There are details on how to avoid multi-cat submissions both in the submission guidelines on these archives and in the Check-In Desk on our beta boards. Please look there for further details if you are unsure.
Thank you!

Advertisements on Mugglenet Fan Fiction

by Marauder by Midnight @ 08/03/08 10:16  
Dear loyal Mugglenet Fan Fiction members,

Most of you have probably noticed the sudden appearance of ads on our site. The ads are something new we're experimenting with to cover our share of the server cost. We are, after all, still growing, and the costs of running this site may have exceeded our initial estimates. We're still working out the details and random kinks, and we're having a little trouble editing anything significantly regarding the layout of the ads. What you see right now is not permanent. Rest assured that we will make an announcement when everything is ironed out.

In the meantime, we welcome any opinions you may have regarding the ads. Please refrain from merely complaining about the layout. As we have stated, this problem has already been noted and placed on the top of our list of priorities.

We apologize for any inconvenience and thank you all for bearing with us.

Mugglenet Fan Fiction Staff

The Ultimate Guide for Writers

by Roxy Black @ 07/30/08 12:40  
Hello there everyone,
Over the past few months there has been a little behind-the-scenes talk about the possibility of creating a Writers' Guide to help you all with your writing.

We would like to do a little market research and as such, we have created a survey to find out more. All we need now is our market!

We would really appreciate it if you could take the time to fill out this simple form. this simple form All the information will be used for this research only and your personal details will not be published anywhere.

Simply follow the on-screen instructions, choose one selection per question, submit the form and follow the two "continue" links until it says successful. :) Thank you very much for your time and your opinions and watch this space!

Spam PMs on the Forums

by Roxy Black @ 07/19/08 13:10  
In the last 24 hours, MNFF Beta Boards have been hit by a spam-email attack that has been affecting many boards across the internet. We would like to thank our members for their maturity and the sensitive way they have handled this situation.

For those of you who have, perhaps, not logged into your forum account today - if you have received an email that says "Have you seen this website" or similar, do not open it. It's simply pure spam and there is no need to even think about it. Simply take note of the username and delete the PM.

You can send the username of the offending party to any of the moderators and we will handle the situation.

We are looking into improving the safety of our PM system and apologise for any inconvenience these messages may have caused.
Thank you again for your continued support.

QSQ Graphics Challenge

by Roxy Black @ 06/04/08 5:18  
As some of you will know our annual Quicksilver Quills have been a huge success in the past. For those of you who don't, the Quills are our awards for the best fictions, characters and authors on the site.

This year, in preparation for these writing challenges, the mods have decided to hold a graphics challenge to come up with some nice visuals to go with and represent our QSQs when that time of year comes around. We've seen the amazing talents of our authors in the layout challenge, we know we won't be disappointed!

The challenge is to come up with:

- Quicksilver Quills Logo
- Quicksilver Quills Trophy Banner

You may try your hand at one of the above choices or both and can submit as many different entries as you like, but remember, the time spent making two or three ok banners might be better invested in working on and fine-tuning one awesome banner, so use your time wisely! You are free to keep it simple or you can get as creative as you'd like!

You have until Monday, June 23rd at 8pm EST to get your entries in.

All questions should be directed to the QSQ Graphics Questions thread in the Beta Forums.

Thanks, and Good Luck!

Queue Wait Time

by songbook99 @ 05/22/08 13:11  
This is to let you all know that the queue wait time is now back to normal. Therefore, everything should be looked at by a moderator within 7 to 10 days of reaching our queue.

Happy Submitting! :)